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At DiGiCOR, we're proud of our expert and dedicated team for thinking beyond and delivering scalable and innovative products and services which contribute to our customers life-long values. 

We're always on the lookout for the next generation of students and graduates who share our same passion and commitment - no matter your background and experience levels. Our experienced team and in-house facilities allows you to gain an invaluable, hands-on work experience so that you can accelerate your personal and professional development now and throughout your future career.

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Our Programs

With applications open across all year round, the learning opportunities are limitless at DiGiCOR

Industry Placements

Industry Placements

Are you a university student looking to incorporate some professional experience in your studies?

You can apply directly to us or via your education institution for academic credit. You'll partake in  an immersive work experience - learn from our professional team and work on real-life projects.
Explore the vast potential of a career in ICT with a fast-growing multinational company today.

Graduate Program

Graduate Program

Are you a university graduate looking to launch your career?

You will have the choice to work in either the business or technical stream. This 3-6 month program allows  new university graduates to explore each facet of their chosen stream during their rotational program. 
Be ready to unlock your potential to gain first-hand experience and exclusive insights into DiGiCOR and the broader ICT industry. 

The application process

It only takes 5 steps to apply and jumpstart your career with DiGiCOR

  • Submit your online + video application

    Step 1

  • Our recruitment team may contact your for an initial telephone interview

    Step 2

  • Complete our DiGiCOR online assessment

    Step 3

  • Speak to us in an interview with senior management

    Step 4

  • Program offer - business, or technical team

    Step 5

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