Our Teams at DiGiCOR

At DiGiCOR, we value all individual and group achievements which continue to uphold our values and business growth. Across our 5 office locations, we always operate as a collective, a synergetic team to deliver superior value to all of our customers. 
Learn more about some of our teams below - but as we continue to evolve and diversify our operations, the range of teams established at DiGiCOR remains infinite. 

Our Team



A team of strategic thinkers who promote DiGiCOR's brand and mission in order to acquire and retain customer leads. They ensure that DiGiCOR remains at the forefront of customers minds. 



Plays a pivotal role in total quality management. Through ​fast and precise building and testing processes, they assemble our products and service so that can meet the individual needs of our customers and statutory obligations. 


Web Development

With their advanced technical and design skills, they work closely with the marketing team to create and maintain DiGiCOR's website and other user interfaces.

Internal sales

Internal Sales & Sales Support

Are key to delivering our excellent customer service operations as they manage our client accounts from within our organisation. They ensure that the strong B2C relationships established remains lifelong. 



Are dedicated to providing DiGiCOR's personalised and customisable technical solutions. They will evaluate the individual needs of our customers and ensure the product or service they purchase will be fit for purpose..



Work closely with our pre-sales team to uphold our high customer service standards. They are pivotal in acquiring new customers and partners to contribute to the ongoing success of DiGiCOR. 



Are integral to DiGiCOR's inbound and outbound operations, as they collaborate with our other teams to promptly pack and ship customer orders. 


Customer Service

Efficiently provide and lead our extensive after-sales services. With a team of strong communicators who are ready to assist customers on a 24/7 basis. 



A team exhibiting high organisation skills by sourcing and ensuring that DiGiCOR has sufficient stock in-house for the warehousing team to deliver. 



A highly organised and ethical team who are responsible for managing all of DiGiCOR's financial transactions and payments relating to our vendors, customers and employees.

Be part of our an ever-growing team and realise your true potential today.