Australian Nuclear Science and Technology (ANSTO)

Creation of optimally synergised systems with Redhat Ceph

About Our Customer

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology (ANSTO) is one Australia’s leading public research organisations, utilising nuclear science and technologies as a solution for complex challenges and to deliver benefits to the health of humans, environment and industry. With a focus in research and development (R&D), the organisation handles advanced technology for the examination of molecular and atomic details. As a by-product, the organisation produces and stores large amounts of data that require high performance infrastructure.
DiGiCOR worked with the Scientific Computing Specialist at ANSTO, where on the organisation’s behalf, proposed the Greenfield project to DiGiCOR. In collaboration with our network of vendors and partners, we were able to negotiate and create a stream-lined solution that first and foremost satisfied all their technical, budgetary and reliability requirements and expectations.


  • ANSTO required a full turnkey solution that could operate their new science instruments during the growth period of the Synchrotron
  • Our full All-Flash NVMe turnkey solution integrated Intel, Supermicro and Seagate hardware as a wholistic stream-lined solution
  • Workloads: running and storing virtual machines, cache analysis, handling live scientific data and bursts of data, analysis of data through a HPC system
  • Key Benefits

  • Intel Vertical Integration in the system provided a significant cost reduction compared to leading competitors and alternative systems.
  • Holistic Turnkey solution - Hypervisors, All-Flash NVMe Storage, JBOD Storage and Back-up Server.
  • Local Warranty Support and RMA throughout Australia.
  • Challenges

    ANSTO required a full turnkey solution that could operate their newly adopted science instruments related to their Greenfield project during the growth period of the Synchrotron.

    This type of project required general high performance compute and storage to handle:

  • Running and storing virtual machines
  • Cache Analysis
  • Handling live scientific data and bursts of data
  • Analysis of data through a HPC system

  • In addition to the entire project, Bosworth and the research organisation had a clear set of technical specifications and budgetary limitations comparable with other vendors in the market.

    How We Helped

    We worked closely with Bosworth and affiliate ANSTO project members, bringing our network of vendors into the conversation to provide a solution that not only satisfied the organisation’s challenges and needs, but provided better offerings in the landscape of competition.

    This solution was highlighted through the progressive relationship from years of reliable and effective solutions and services with ANSTO. As a result, allowing us to better understand the fundamental challenges and needs of this project, educate the organisation based on the latest cutting-edge technologies and communicate our best simplified and vertically integrated solution options.


    TBeing able to bring our trusted partners and vendors into discussion with the situation and competition landscape ANSTO provided mant advantages against competitiors in terms of pricing advantages and services.

    As a result,we were able to provide better alternatives solutions and options that shifted away from the initial proposed solution from ANSTO towards a solution that was more cost-effective and also highly reliable. In addition to all parts being integarted, finely tuned, and bunding Intel,Supermicro and Seagate as a stream-lined solution.

    Due to the nature of the Greenfield project,satisfying the project objective of establishing high storage for virtual mechines,analysis and data capture was simple as a result of the tight collaboration between our expert tearm of presales, sales and vendors . In addition to the solution meeting impact and performance expestations of ANSTO, stated by Bosworth.

    Overall in the approach, Bosworth provided positive feedbacks throughout the engagement phase between DiGiCOR and ANSTO as we provided “interesting” solutions and options of what ANSTO required. This is complemented by the speed and effectiveness of providing a solution the problem. In addition to the regular updates of delivery and expected time frames.

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