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Open source-based storage solution

About Our Customer

AUT University is a contemporary New Zealand university focused on providing exceptional student opportunities and learning experiences, and graduate success in a context stimulated by impactful research and industry connectivity. More than 26,000 students are enrolled at AUT in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, studying at one of their three campuses. They have consistently been a leader in undergraduate and postgraduate enrolment growth of both New Zealand and international students across a wide range of professional disciplines, and as a result we are now the third largest university in New Zealand.


  • AUT University required an open- source based solution for their Mathematics school
  • Students needed it to access database, VM machines for their day-day requirements and storage to their files.
  • Digicor listened to their needs about not wanting to pay for license and suggested a hardware solution that meet their needs
  • Key Benefits

  • FreeNas solution, which included SuperMicro Servers, JBODs, UPS and 10GbE Ethernet Network
  • Highly scalable and cost effective solution.
  • Challenges

    Digicor had been in touch with AUT’s Mathematics department. They required an open source-based storage solution for their Mathematics school. Their students needed to access the database, VM machines for their day-to-day requirements and storage of their files.

    How We Helped

    Digicor initially suggested our NexentaStor solution, however since they did not want to pay for licenses, they chose to use FreeNAS. They agreed to our suggestion regarding the choice of hardware and took our solution, which included SuperMicro servers, JBODs, UPS and a 10GbE Ethernet Network.


    The solution is highly scalable and extremely cost effective, which gave Auckland University of Technology, Mathematics department storage flexibility with a system that scales as student storage demands grow.

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