Cross-Site Failover Solution with Faster and Prodigious Online Experience

About Our Customer is the newest large bookmaker on the Australian scene. Established in 2012, they are licensed and regulated by the Australian Territory with their head office in Brisbane. take bets from Australian and New Zealand residents on Sports, Racing and Novelty items such as Current Affairs, Elections and Entertainment. Bookmaker offers a set of unique betting products which make them an attractive prospect to anyone wanting to liven up their punting. A brilliant, cleverly designed and easy to navigate website means customers can get their bets on quick and find that specific race or sporting event in a matter of seconds. The re-designed website is now one of the best on the market. Bookmaker met DiGiCOR’s expert with a mission in their mind to find a solution to accommodate their online betting transactions and cross-site failover. High performance servers and network are the two areas which we think can improve Bookmaker’s online betting website.


  • Bookmaker required a solution that could significantly reduce any bottlenecks whilst being reliable in handling thousands of transactions.
  • Digicor proposed a solution with an upgrade of Bookmaker’s current server and network infrastructure.
  • We suggested a solution based on a Digicor server comprised of a total of 8-node servers that exceeded performance expectations with faster response times and a better online customer experience.
  • Key Benefits

  • Faster response times.
  • Prove a prodigious online experience.
  • Competitive Capital Expenditure.
  • Challenges

    This is a highly competitive market where every second counts. Therefore, the infrastructure needs to be performing at its peak with no bottlenecks at any time and it must be absolutely reliable. Database need to be high performance to handle thousands of transactions. Thus, DiGiCOR’s expert came up with a conclusion in which Bookmaker’s server and network infrastructure must be upgraded to support an outstanding service.

    How We Helped

    The solution was installed in two separate data centres, with failure configured. The server solution comprised of an 8 nodes Servers, SSD’s and Intel Xeon CPU’s for both DC’s. Four 2U Servers for the DB applications and six MicroCloud servers. The MSSQL databases were configured on the 8 Node Servers, which provides the high performance required to handle the massive workload when the big events are on.

    The network infrastructure was made up of Ethernet switches and CER routers, configured for redundancy between the 2 data centres. Each data centre was setup for a performance network between servers and switches and the links between the DC’s were configured via 2 redundant links in each route. With the advanced functionality built into the supplied switches, there are no single points of failure. If there are any switch or link failures, the network can automatically re-route traffic without any loss of data and zero network configuration time.

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    Bookmaker chose the DiGiCOR’s solution because the capital expenditure was far less than anything the competitors could offer. The solution has also exceeded performance expectations with faster response times; a prodigious online experience has led to greater customer satisfaction. This, in turn, has led to a growing customer base and greater market share.

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