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About Our Customer

CellOS Software has been a client of DiGiCOR since 2013, strategically partnered to supply and support enterprise-grade high performance servers world-wide. CellOS is a global network operating software solution provider headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and offices in Singapore and Gurgaon, India.
Since establishment in 2006, CellOS has continuously invested in research and development for advanced communications technology. CellOS has marketed the world’s first autonomous and artificially intelligent network operating system. The system enables communication service operators to create ultra-low-cost communication network systems, by putting the traditional network reliability onto the internet. Patented technologies from CellOS leverages the internet for communication and is able to reduce capital expenditure and operating expenditure by up to 90%.


  • CellOS required a solution that could handle high availability to deliver mission-critical communication services between the organisation.
  • With CellOS’s compute-hungry requirements, Digicor proposed a solution based on a multi-node and dual-socket server system.
  • Key Benefits

  • No oversubscription against usage requirements.
  • Full redundancy and onsite support.
  • Reduces capital expenditure.
  • Challenges

    The users of CellOS solutions rely heavily on the availability of the infrastructure which CellOS runs on to deliver mission critical communication services to the rest of their organisation. This requires the underlying infrastructure to be extremely reliable, fully redundant and can be serviced and maintained by technicians at the premise regardless of the location of deployment.

    In addition, the compute-hungry nature of CellOS solutions necessitates multi-processor servers to deliver the desired performance from the solution. The stringent criterion reduces the number of applicable systems to a handful.

    How We Helped

    DiGiCOR provided CellOS with infrastructure advisory services to discover suitable infrastructure options. After investigation, Lenovo System x3750 M4 4-Socket systems and Supermicro multi-node and 2-Socket systems with redundancy was selected as the recommended infrastructure to run CellOS. DiGiCOR sourced and built complete systems for CellOS with multi-step quality assurance procedures to ensure reliability of systems before delivery. In addition, all servers delivered are backed with onsite support for operational assurance.

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    DiGiCOR’s infrastructure solution was able to deliver the necessary performance required by CellOS solutions. Custom-spec Supermicro was used to ensure that no oversubscription was against usage requirements, and therefore reduces capital expenditure required by users. Through reliability of servers selected with full redundancy and onsite support by DiGiCOR, CellOS was able to enjoy peace of mind delivering the promises to its customers.

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