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Guaranteed Zero Down-Time In a High Performance and Reliable Storage System

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Ladbrokes originally started out with eight staff members under the name hosting online betting and have now grown to 160 staff in less than 2 years. Recently, the company was bought out by Ladbrokes UK; a world leader in online betting, gaming and more. Ladbrokes is now the largest online betting company in the UK, as well as being the largest retail bookmaker in the world, with over 4,000 betting stores as well as 30,000 employees.
Ladbrokes came to DiGiCOR with an agenda to tackle downtime issue as well as enquiring for high performance servers and storage systems.


  • Ladbrokes workload required maximum uptime through high performance servers and storage systems.
  • With hundreds of thousands of bets in a matter of seconds, this workload required necessary handling and processing of the data.
  • We utilised the latest cutting-edge Brocade switches combined With our tailored high-end server systems for performance and storage.
  • Key Benefits

  • High-performance servers and storage systems with zero downtime.
  • Flexible, scalable and future proof solutions.
  • Guaranteed zero down time and 24/7 hour 3 years on-site SLAs.
  • Challenges

    Downtime is not acceptable – Every bookie workload must be processed error and delay free. Hence all their essential systems are required to be fully operational and reliable 24/7. The systems need to be capable of handling and processing hundreds of thousands bets in matters of minutes.

    How We Helped

    At DiGiCOR, we helped by providing a unique yet sophisticated system. Utilizing the latest cutting edge Brocade switches combined with high-end server systems; each application is located over two data centres for redundancy to guarantee zero down time and 24/7 4-hours 3 years on-site service-level agreements (SLAs).

    In addition, we also supply systems with large enterprise SSD arrays with PCIe flash accelerator card optimized for write latency sensitive applications delivered with unparalleled performances for fast storage systems.


    The solution met the client’s expectation by building a range of customised high-performance servers and storage systems across data centres via dark cable has provided customers with zero downtime while providing flexibility, scalability and future proof in all our solutions. In addition, deploying Brocade data centre switches deliver the utmost in simplicity of configuration and management combined with two Data Centres for networking which enable zero down time.

    As a result, clients are also saving greatly through using DiGiCOR, while gaining Vendor independence as well as flexibility of choice. Besides, all systems used are best of breed technologies, with performances exceeding client’s expectations.

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