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Massive Infrastructure Upgrade, Quad-Node Systems and SDS Solutions

About Our Customer

Local Search (formerly Local Directories) is Australia’s largest independent and Australian owned search company. Over 2 million directories delivered free of charge throughout 50 regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales & Northern Territory. LocalSearch is a market leader in connecting buyers with sellers. Since 1993, LocalSearch as a real alternative has brought a refreshing new image to advertising. Compact and complete, LocalSearch combines traditional, time-tested features with exciting new innovations. The concept is to combine the traditional Phone Directory, Telephone Directory, Phone Book and Printed Directory product with the innovation of an easier-to-handle local phone directory online. The publications include both A-Z and classified sections, where all business and residential phone numbers are listed with detailed up-to-date street directories and other standard phone directory features such as government and community information.


  • Local Search required a solution that could refresh their current IBM infrastructure with a focus on data protection and redundancy as a part of the new upgrade.
  • The unique and high-end solution was required to maintain customer and business search and as an advertising medium for local businesses.
  • The entire infrastructure was further replicated within Local Search’s Brisbane data centre with data replication between the two sites.
  • Key Benefits

  • Quickly and Efficiently online directory for Customers.
  • Data is securely protected.
  • Keep pace with advertisers’ and customers’ demand.
  • Challenges

    The company came to DiGiCOR with a mission to upgrade the current aging IBM infrastructure. Subsequently, data protection and redundancy are also part of the new design consideration. In this project, several numbers of hardware and software are included in the design process, including Rackmount Servers, Storage and Network Switches, Ethernet Switches, and Software Defined Storage Solutions.
    In addition, some additional requirements that Local Search requested to DiGiCOR for the new design regarding an online service which help customers to find local businesses, maintain the current printed local phone books and prove an advertising medium for local businesses. Therefore, a unique and specific high-end solution will meet the needs of this company.

    How We Helped

    After a number of testing and evaluations, Digicor has provided Local Search with a server comprised of quad nodes and software defined storage solutions. High performance Ethernet switches were chosen to meet the demanding bandwidth requirements for an online business. This equipment was installed at the Gold Coast Head office.
    This entire infrastructure was replicated at their Brisbane data centre. Data replication between the two sites has been configured so that the data is protected no matter what site fails.

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    Local Search now has the peace of mind that all the companies’ data is now securely protected.
    As a result of implementing the latest technologies from Digicor and due to the efficiency of these servers and the extra bandwidth provided by the new network components, Local Search customers can now find the information they require quickly and efficiently. The servers provide the compactness and power efficiencies to reduce rack space and minimize power and cooling requirements.
    The Software Defined Storage solution allows Local Directories to keep pace with their ever-increasing demand from their advertisers and customers. The storage solution provides the end user with a response time that affords them an excellent online experience.

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