Optimal performance with large capacity requirements for cloud storage

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Ninefold is an Australian cloud computing and storage company. They provide locally stored data, free local support, self-service flexibility and low latency. This allows for their customers to provision virtual servers and cloud storage quickly - scaling up and down when needed – and only paying for the resources you use. Ninefold is the first public cloud storage provider in Australia and the local alternative to Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files. Ninefold is about far more than a bunch of servers linked by technology. Cloud computing doesn't live in a vacuum; it’s just as much about the relationships between developers and entrepreneurs, start-ups and large enterprises, vendors and customers. It's the ideas and revelations that happen in those discussions, the brainstorms in the hours, the creative solutions of business issues and the innovation that comes from trying new things in partnership that drives them.


  • Identify the most cost-effective solution that catered to the ideal optimal performance and operating system fit for large capacity requirements of cloud storage.
  • Ensure the systems implemented can application and workloads relating to the cloud infrastructure of Citrix Cloud Services.
  • Provided up to 40% reduced cost over other proprietary storage solutions
  • Key Benefits

  • Supermicro Server with LSI HBA, STEC/OCZ SAS SSDs, Hitachi SAS HDDs, and Intel DualPort 10GbE.
  • Running on a version of NexentaStor
  • Solution provided data compression, data deduplicate, snapshot, monitor and technical support.
  • Met the required 2000 IOPS.
  • Challenges

    The cloud data storage market is very price sensitive, thus Ninefold need a cost efficient solution, while their technological product requires optimal performance. It became apparent Ninefold needed an operating system that would cater to the large capacity requirements of cloud storage, yet meet the needs at an affordable price in order to maintain competitiveness within the industry. The operating system would need to be able to support the cloud architecture from ‘Citrix Cloud Services,’ which requires storage for data and applications. Furthermore, the solution needed to provide data compression, data deduplication, snapshot, monitor and support so there technical operations would run as smooth as possible.

    How We Helped

    We had a unit of Supermicro Server with LSI HBA, STEC/OCZ SAS SSDs, Hitachi SAS HDDs, Intel DualPort 10GbE running on a version of NexentaStor for storage repositories, which fulfilled the above requirements. This met the required 2000 IOPS.

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    Ninefold first tested the solution, and when it performed as promised, the project installation was complete, while Digicor have remained in contact monitoring the project, ready to provide any necessary support.
    We were able to deliver prices and tailored solution that gave Ninefold a solution that has allowed them to be competitive; Understanding what the budget restraints were, we have created a solution without compromising on performance and cost.
    It significantly provided cost savings over other proprietary storage solutions. It delivered all the functionality of NetApp (a Ninefold competitor) but at 40% the cost, giving them a competitive advantage.
    Furthermore, to ensure flexibility of operations in the future, the solution was provided without vendor lock in.

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