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Reliable Turnkey Solution with VMware vSphere and VEEAM as Back-Up

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  • Bookmaker required a solution designed from the ground-up as a turnkey solution featuring VMware vSphere, VEEAM, relevant hardware, software and support.
  • We tailored a solution based on Digicor and Inspur servers suited for VMware and VEEAM licensing paired with Bitdefender for cybersecurity and Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020.
  • With further improvements and suggestions to the hardware and software, we designed all the hardware and software with focus also on the delivery process, system integration, installation, and testing of all the hardware and software.
  • Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive and reliable Turnkey solution built from the ground-up
  • IT Infrastructure designed specifically to match the organisation’s new building
  • The solution was provided through a smooth process from initial discussion to the actual instalment on their premises outside of Australia.
  • Background

    Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) is an organisation funded by the United Nations that was established in 1979 which have 17 members. This organisation plays a key role to help all Pacific countries sustainably manage their tuna fisheries that fall within their 200-mile Exclusive Economic Zones (ZEE) – worth over $3 billion a year. Furthermore, this advisory body provides expertise, technical assistance and other support to its members who make sovereign decisions about their tuna resources and participate in regional decision making through agencies, such as the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC).

    In 2020, Pacific Island FFA contacted our team to design and provide IT infrastructure solution for their new building in Solomon Islands. Our team took the opportunity to provide the best IT solution that suit the organisation’s needs and what they were looking to achieve. A turnkey solution seems fit to the scenario where it provides an end-to-end system that can be easily implemented into a current business process. That is why we have been supplying custom-tailored solutions in multiple occasions for almost 15 years for the success and growth of this organisation.


    The organisation was looking for a reliable partner to supply IT infrastructure for both software and hardware based on their requirement. The main challenge for us was to come up with a design from our client’s input for the whole building IT infrastructure. All hardware designed by DiGiCOR including Firewall, Switch, WiFi Access Point, either VMware non-HA Servers or VMware HA Servers, Backup Server and Storage, SAN, UPS and Rack. Besides, we also integrated our design with Licensed Software, such as VMware vSphere, Veeam Pro, Bitdefender and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

    In addition, rational price tag was also part of their consideration in choosing the right solutions for their IT infrastructure. Subsequently, part of the concern during our design process was the location of the new building, which put us in a situation to think about the delivery process, system integration, installation, and test for all the hardware and software.

    How We Helped

    We had several meetings and discussions with the clients and were able to generate and optimise two high-quality solutions that meet the requirements, within the designated budget. Our expert team provided a turnkey solution for our client’s new building IT infrastructure, including all the required hardware, software, and licences with a 3 years RTB standard warranty which is shown in the infrastructure propose network diagram.


    As a result, the client chose a solution that utilized VMware HA servers. The diagram shows how the network system is working with the integration of all components, including Switch (SW), Firewall (FW), Access Point (AP), Virtualisation Server (ESX), Infotrend Storage and Licensed Veeam Backup & Additional DC Server. The whole system has redundancy to make sure it will work well when network problem occurs. In addition, unstable internet connection and power outage made us to provide unit power supply (UPS) as a solution.

    Furthermore, we were able to come up with a solution to integrate and install all the hardware and software components that is safe during the shipping progress. In addition, we also helped the client with professional services and personnel who provides professional advice for the test procedures remotely.


    It was important for us to design a solution that best fits the specific demand required by the client for the IT infrastructure. With the competition of tier 1 companies, we were able to tailor a comprehensive turnkey solution, which has the capacity to meet their workloads, within the designated budget cost. Thus, we keep building great relationships and trust with this organisation by providing a high-quality designed solution, together with our expert and internal team to meet our client’s demands through excellent customer service and support.

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