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Massive computer power to render images in the shortest time possible.

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The University of Otago, founded in 1869 by an ordinance of the Otago Provincial Council, is New Zealand’s oldest University. The new University was given 100,000 acres of pastoral land as an endowment and authorised to grant degrees in Arts, Medicine, Law and Music. Since 1961, when its roll was about 3,000, the University has since expanded considerably (in 2010 there was about 21,000 students enrolled) and has broadened its range of qualifications to include undergraduate programmes. These programmes include Surveying, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Science, Education, Physiotherapy, Applied Science, Dental Technology, Medical Radiation Therapy, Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy (now combined in an Oral Health programme), and Biomedical Sciences, as well as specialised postgraduate programmes in a variety of disciplines.


  • Identify the most beneficial system required to run software for bio imaging projects.
  • Ensure the systems implemented can render images in the shortest time possible and process huge amounts of data.
  • Provide additional equipment that meets performance requirements by selecting high density and decreased footprint solutions.
  • Key Benefits

  • Analysing the options that best suited for their requirements
  • Adopted the Blade system due to high-speed network (40GB InfiniBand)
  • Blade System has better expandability and less footprint.
  • Challenges

    After investigation of the Universities requirements, it was clear a significant number of systems would be required to run software for bio imaging projects. These datasets consist of huge amounts of data that require massive computer power to render these images in the shortest time possible.

    How We Helped

    Originally DiGiCOR discovered the need after we had quoted for a server, however when we re-quoted for this part we realized that the University will need additional equipment to meet performance requirements, so high density and less footprint were added to the solution. Digicor initially quoted both FatTwin and Blade system. We helped the customer to analyse the pros and cons over each one, and the Blade system stands out due its high speed network (40Gb InfiniBand) integration and better expandability over FatTwin and other high density solutions.

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    Latest generation of the solutions bought by The University of Otago.


    At end of 2014, the University of Otago and their school of Biomedical Sciences fully rolled out the bio-imaging project that has potential to go worldwide. With the help of Digicor and the solution provided, that realization is now another step closer.

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