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NexentaStor ZFS Storage solution that accommodates to growth

About Our Customer

Victoria Police provides policing services to the Victorian community 24 hours a day, seven days a week, working to keep over 5.7 million Victorians safe. Victoria Police is a large organisation employing more than 17,000 staff. Police officers and protective services officers are supported in their roles by public service professionals who work as administrators, managers and specialists in a range of functions such as legal services, accounting and forensic sciences. Effective frontline response service delivery is provided through 54 Police Service Areas (PSAs), split across 21 divisions within four regions - North West Metro, Southern Metro, Eastern and Western. These regional boundaries correspond with those of other Victorian government departments, enhancing cross-department service delivery, particularly in the area of emergency management.


  • Rising crime rate and social problems meant that the Victoria police needed a storage solution that could store massive accounts of video data
  • It was Digicor’s responsibility to Identify a solution that accommodated to their needs such as demand for data and achieve storage
  • Digicor successfully meet Victoria Police demand by providing a NexentaStor ZFS storage solution that could be easily expanded but also keeping storage costs under control
  • Key Benefits

  • Significantly reduced footprint and rack space which resulted in a reduction in power bills by nearly half.
  • Ability to deliver data and applications simultaneously on their 3D AV project devices.
  • Provided a more responsive and interactive 3D objects and graphics.
  • Challenges

    To tackle rising crime from increased social problems, organized crime, family violence and triple zero calls outpacing population growth, the Victoria Police has established a range of actions across the organisation that include the rollout of frontline focussed IT systems.

    With the exploding demand for data and archive storage, the police department requires a storage solution that can meet these demands and also be easily scaled to accommodate future growth. Victoria Police required a storage solution that was capable of storing massive amounts of video data. This new infrastructure needed to be purchased outside of the I.T. department (this is a “black” site), so price was extremely sensitive.

    Several presentations and meetings to various departments were required since there were many stake-holders requiring use of the infrastructure. All the different teams had their requirements, which needed to be met before a decision was made.

    How We Helped

    Digicor was able to provide a NexentaStor storage solution (Software Defined Storage) that provided a platform that could be easily expanded as data growth demanded. Based on the ZFS operating system, an open source platform, meant that the police were not locked in by any particular storage vendor for their disk expansion requirements.

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    Having a Software Defined Storage solution meant that the Victoria Police could purchase their disk requirements from any vendor, meet the growth that they are experiencing and keep their storage costs under control. The decision to choose NexentaStor was driven by the capabilities of ZFS and the quality of the stored video over time compared to other technologies.

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