Modern Slavery Statement

Our structure,operations and supply chain

DiGiCOR Pty Ltd, hereon referred to as 'DiGiCOR', specializes in the procurement and distribution of server, data storage, workstation,networking, edge computing, and IOT solutions.

It has been our mission since 1997,is to become a top trusted technology advisor by helping our customers meet their specific business objectives.

DiGiCOR's headquarters are in Melbourne with our sub-branches located across Australasia:Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland. Through our multi-vendor business model, we are a proud partner in delivering a broad range of quality products and professional IT services.

We recognize that our operational excellence is in part of the contribution and commitment of our diverse people - all of our team,customers, partners, suppliers and vendors.

We also recognize the value of diversity and inclusion,environmental sustainability and human rights, with well-established policies embedded in our every day activities to support our people and a more progressive future.

Our structure,operations and supply chain

Policies and governance

Policies and governance

DiGiCOR is committed to demonstrating zero-tolerance toward practices of modern slavery.

Modern slavery is a prevalent social issue, encompassing a broad spectrum of exploitative work practices, which ultimately imposes a direct violation of human rights.

Due to the diversity of DiGiCOR's operations - in our products,suppliers, industry partners and office locations, we acknowledge the myriad of potential risks associated through our value chain.Thus, modern slavery will be regularly considered on DiGiCOR's risk register.

However, we have established a comprehensive policy framework which essentially, exhibits our core values and contains the expectations of personnel, suppliers, business partners and others who are directly linked to business operations,products and services.

Details about how to raise a grievance or complaint are also detailed to ensure prompt rectification if any inconsistencies with our policies and procedures arise.

Please see the next section of this document for more details about our policy framework.

Risk assessment and mitigation

Our dedicated human resources department regularly conduct centralized monitoring and reporting responsibilities to ensure DiGiCOR's total compliance with current legislation and effectiveness against industry practices. All policies and practices are then examined and endorsed by senior management and shared widely to our people.

DiGiCOR is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees during operations, so far as reasonably practicable. All employees have the right and area ware of the mechanisms to report any incident impeding upon human rights.

Risk assessment and mitigation

This allows DiGiCOR to adopt a transparent, systematic and responsible codes of conduct everyday - which we view as an essential practice to exclude our involvement any incident of modern slavery.

We conduct a thorough audit of all our suppliers to ensure due diligence of their work practices and mutual commitment to our social principles.

Policy framework

DiGiCOR strongly condemns modern slavery practices. We expect all of our team and suppliers to operate in accordance with all applicable policies and procedures in the performance of their respective duties. Thereby ensuring that our team and suppliers share our same commitment to corporate responsibility and respecting human rights.

The following policies are also designed to manage potential or actual risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

Policies and procedures - Operations:

Code of Conduct

DiGiCOR's code of conduct includes the prohibition of forced labour practices. This code of conduct is widely shared and followed by all actions performed by DiGiCOR employees.

Fair Work Act 2009

DiGiCOR's senior management respects employees general workplace rights outlined in this Act. These entitlements are also clarified and upheld during DiGiCOR's recruitment and hiring processes.

Equal Opportunity Act 2010

DiGiCOR is committed to providing a safe,inclusive and respectful work place environment to prevent unlawful behaviors.We value, recognize and respects the diversity of our all existing and potential employees.

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004

DiGiCOR proactively reviews and evaluates the workplace environment and its processes to ensure that the health,safety and welfare of all members is consistently secured and maintained.

Grievance Policy and Procedure

DiGiCOR's Grievance Policy and Procedure assists in resolving workplace issues swiftly and sensitively as they arise.All suspected cases of human trafficking,forced labour and hidden labour exploitation are reported and recorded in this process.

Performance management and disciplinary action policy

Allows DiGiCOR to monitor the internal and ethical standards of its operations. This includes reviewing the effectiveness of DiGiCOR's modern slavery and broader human rights strategy.

Standard training procedures

All members from human resources and senior management undergo procedural training which includes effective implementation and communication of DiGiCOR's existing and/or revised policies and procedures and how to identify and report modern slavery in practice.

Scoping and mapping

DiGiCOR has developed an array of organizational charts to clearly understand and visualize the entity's structure and operational risks. This is accompanied with a manual of best practices of each department team to support transparency.

Policies and procedures - Supply Chain:

Code of Conduct

DiGiCOR's code of conduct also extends to our suppliers. DiGiCOR will provide official notice to those suppliers who do not comply. If corrective action is not undertaken promptly, DiGiCOR will terminate the supplier's services. DiGiCOR will only engage in responsible sourcing methods.

Fraud,Anti-Bribery and Corruption

DiGiCOR is proud to engage and collaborate with other suppliers and vendors who uphold the same high ethical standards and responsible sourcing methods.

Supplier risk assessment

DiGiCOR's procurement team conducts a regular evaluation of DiGiCOR's supply chain network to ensure the work place rights of their employees are respected and provided, and that no modern slavery practices are being performed.

Dur diligence checks

All suppliers must be approved by senior management before commencement. This procedure considers the potential risks of engaging, renewing or extending a relationship with a supplier which may obstruct responsible business conduct.

Grievance Policy and Procedure

DiGiCOR's Grievance Policy andProcedure is a formal process which allows DiGiCOR employees visiting the supplier'spremises to report and record suspected cases of human trafficking, forced labour and hidden labour exploitation. DiGiCOR also requires suppliers to establish a similar procedure to ensure fair and responsible operations.

Standard training procedures

All members from the procurement team undergo procedural training which includes building ethical trade principles and human resources capability. Our team then ensures that this is translated to the actions of all suppliers to ensure that they meet and abide by DiGiCOR's code of conduct.

Assessment and effectiveness

We strive for transparency by working closely with our people. We encourage one another to act as leaders, promote innovation and personal responsibility.

We understand the perpetuating risk of modern slavery; similar to the dynamics of the ICT industry, we recognize the ongoing obligation to take action and commitment to address and prevent this grave societal issue.

Our internal assurance processeshelp us to consistently manage and review our operations - ensuring that it is at an acceptable standard and in accordance with legislative requirements. In addition, this helps us to monitor DiGiCOR's modern slavery compliance.

Other policies related to employer elations also provides a safeguard to safe working practices, free from deception at DiGiCOR.

We will continue to explore new and improved ways which will help us to recognize the risks in our operations and supply chain, so that we can maintain our strong stance against modern slavery practices.

Assessment and effectiveness