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  1. What is COVID-19?
  2. Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus
  3. Myth busters
  4. How you can get tested for COVID-19?
  5. What are Covid-19 symptoms?
  6. Sources of Information
  7. How does the virus spread?
  8. What can I do to protect myself and prevent the spread of disease?
  9. Latest statement from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee AHPPC on coronavirus COVID-19
  10. Coronavirus COVID-19 Advice and guidance for NSW workplaces
  11. Coronavirus COVID-19 21-March-2020 Update
  12. Victoria moves to shut down non-essential services
  13. Your biggest questions about coronavirus answered
  14. These are 6 of the main differences between flu and coronavirus
  15. Scott Morrisons full statement on the new national coronavirus restrictions 25 March 2020
  16. Australia is moving to stage 2 restrictions to curb the coronavirus outbreak Heres whats included 25 March 2020
  17. Can losing your sense of smell be a symptom of coronavirus?
  18. Federal Government launches Coronavirus Australia app and WhatsApp feature
  19. Public and private gatherings restricted to two people to slow spread of coronavirus 29 March 2020
  20. Coronavirus COVID-19 current situation and case numbers 18 April 2020
  21. Key moments from Scott Morrisons coronavirus press conference unveiling National Cabinets mental health plan 16 May 2020
  22. WA to ease coronavirus restrictions from May 18 with 20-person gatherings allowed
  23. NSW coronavirus restrictions has changed from 15 May 2020
  24. Why are some people with covid-19 are “superspreaders” while others aren’t infectious at all
  25. Six Months of Coronavirus Here’s Some of What We’ve Learned
  26. Australias Covid-19 face mask advice July 2020
  27. face masks made mandatory across Victoria 30 July 2020
  28. Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews have discussed next steps as Covid-19 infections continue to rise 31 July 2020