DiGiCORs response to the Pandemic COVID-19

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•   Planning for non face-to-face dealings and meetings

We have recommended our employees to have their meetings via phone or video calls.

•   What safety measures are in place between staff and customer interaction?

DiGiCOR has created a pandemic bulletin to update our operational team with the latest news and advice from the government. We also have created a special edition internal newsletter to keep everyone posted about the Pandemic. Our team follows WHO and government recommendations/instructions and For those staff who need to attend onsite, necessary masks and precautions have been prepared.

•   Staff availability, are they in office or working remotely from home?

Business operation as normal to ensure the quality of our products and services delivered on time.

•   If a customer is booked for a meeting, what virtual alternatives are there for them to use?

We have requested our team to reschedule their face to face meetings to online environments on either Skype or Go to Meeting. We believe this is a necessary step in our efforts to increase public safety.

•   What measures are in place to continue business health and safety?

In DiGiCOR's pandemic plan we provided detailed information regarding hygiene, using face masks, creating sneeze barriers, and sanitizing desks and equipment based on WHO and Australia Department of Health recommendations. We monitor our employees health closely and created a response team to take any necessary measures to ensure safety of our team and our community.

•   Status updates of orders & services and if there are any delays or having to shut down temporarily

Due to the impact of covid-19 and fluctuation of the exchange rate, your orders/quotations may be affected, contact our accounts managers.

•   How is it best for customers to interact going forward? Is it just phone, email, social media, chatbot or other means

We will be online and we will divert our phones to our cell phones, so our customers can continue contacting us via email, our website, online chat, or our phone system.

•   Will the hours of operation change or remain as is?

Our operating hours will remain the same and our team will work either remotely or on rosters.