Digicor System Categories

COM Express Type 6

The release of COM Express COM.0 Revision 2.0 brings Computer-on-Modules in line with current and future technology trends by providing for the latest graphics interfaces (DisplayPort/DVI/HDMI), PCI Express Gen 2, and USB 3.0. The newer Type 6 pinout is based on the popular Type 2 pinout, but with legacy functions replaced by Digital Display interfaces (DDI), additional PCI Express lanes, and reserved pins for future technologies.
COM Express Basic size Type 6 is the most popular and widely used computer-on-module form factor on the market. With pinouts closely matching the feature set of common x86 based silicon, two COM Express connectors allow for designs of up to 75 watts. The Type 6 pinout has a strong focus on multiple modern display outputs targeting applications such as medical, gaming, test and measurement and industrial automation. The COM Express Compact Type 6 form factor is ideally suited to single chip x86 solutions (SoCs) with a power range between 5 to 20 watts. To reach these kind of low power envelopes peak performance and feature sets have been reduced compared to silicon used on the Basic size modules. Utilizing both Intel® Core™ and Atom® SoCs, Compact size modules are typically targeted at mid- and entry level applications such as transportation, robotics, edge servers, industrial control, and HMIs in the industrial and medical fields.