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Ranked No. 1 in Asia Pacific by market share for IaaS and IUS in Gartner’s latest report

DiGiCOR partners with Alibaba Cloud to provide you with a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services, and customizable cloud solutions which allowing you to scale as your requirements and business grows

Named as one of the fastest growing public cloud providers in the world, the Alibaba Cloud team in Australia has been helping customers with two local availability zones and a growing support team delivering cloud infrastructure, networking, security and big data solutions.

Digicor Alicloud Partner

They are also enabling more businesses to tap into the opportunities in China and beyond with innovative cloud and network solutions to improve performance and mitigate risk.

The business supports the rest of the Alibaba Group with cloud infrastructure and provides customers with built-in security that can be accessed anywhere with easy to use deployment functions.

If you are looking to expand your business anywhere in China or Asia Pacific, Alibaba is our best partner with the strongest content delivery network, enabling businesses to succeed and grow across the region

Alibaba Cloud’s services have been developed over many years to ensure that the cloud environment is extremely secure and is the same technology that supports the entire Alibaba ecosystem. Also, to accommodate high standard data storage and processing requirements, the latest cutting edge technology helps you in security identification and risk analysis.

Alibaba Cloud’s services

In Australia, their local availability zones provide high- performance servers, robust infrastructure and comprehensive cloud computing services to enable your business.


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  • DiGiCOR can help you secure the best price for Alibaba Cloud through our partnership.
  • DiGiCOR helps to arrange FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment and help customers to design a cloud on-boarding roadmap through Alibaba Cloud
Digicor Alicloud Partnership

Digicor and Alibaba Cloud help you create better IT services for your business

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