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AMD processors fall into the two categories: Ryzen and Epyc, with the AMD Ryzen Threadripper being the most advanced/capable model. Through the DiGiCOR website, customers are able to use the “configuration tool” to include the AMD processor of their choice into a variety of servers, including those from Supermicro and ASUS


Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

Q & A

AMD builds processors that are used within embedded solutions. AMD are an affordable alternative to other processors on the market, whilst maintaining their high levels of efficiency and reliability.

  • AMD processors utilise the most advanced technology to create a responsive computing experience.
  • There is an AMD processor for whatever the processing power required, from everyday office applications, to extensive coding.
  • AMD processors have increased their power efficiency, whilst maintaining their long battery lives.
  • AMD processors also possess the most modern security functions allowing for data to be protected and downtime to be reduced.

AMD has a wide range of processor varieties that provide customers the opportunity to tailor their system to meet their needs.
AMD’s range of processors range from 8 cores and 16 threads up to 64 cores and 128 threads. There is a AMD processor for every budget and every processing need.

AMD is an American based company with operations around the globe. The majority of their manufacturing and assembly/testing occurs in Malaysia and China. AMDs manufacturing occurs both within their own spin-off company GlobalFoundries and TSMC.
Whilst AMD has outsourced a large part of their manufacturing process, their chip designs are entirely their own.

AMD has a variety of processes with integrated graphics that will provide the customer with a high-performance experience.
AMD RYZEN Processors and AMD RYZEN Processors with Radeon Graphics provide options ranging from 4 to 16 cores with up to 32 processing threads.

DiGiCOR has partnered with AMD to provide their embedded technology in Supermicro A+ family of servers.
DiGiCOR provides customers with the flexibility to build their own server and include their components of choice.
AMD’s EPYC 2nd generation processors are compatible with the Supermicro H11 and H12 generation servers and motherboards.
ASUS servers are highly compatible with AMD’s processors.

Use Cases & Solutions


Cost Efficient and an option for every budget

Even though AMD processors provide a high level of value regardless of the model chosen, their pricing remains competitive compared to their closest rivals. AMD also provides an affordable option for every budget, whether that be a base Ryzen model 3 or the Ryzen Threadripper.


There is a processor available for every need

Due to the wide range of AMD processors available, the customer is able to choose the processor that meets their needs, whether their focus is on speed, memory or price. DiGiCOR is then able to match the embedded solution to the correct server.


High performing across all applications

AMD processors utilise the most advanced technology to create a responsive computing experience. Regardless of the model selected, AMD processors are efficient and reliable.


Constantly remaining current and competitive

By remaining on top of the technology trends, AMD has been able to secure themselves the title of creators of the most powerful processor on the market with their Threadripper. Even their lower scale models are directly comparable to Intel products, with Intel ‘i’ range being comparable to the Ryzen 3-9 models. vmware

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