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AMD Technology offers a new generation of solutions that follows the philosophy of providing choice to customers. With the help of DiGiCOR, you can customise your own server and choose your AMD EPYC processor which can have from 8 to 64 cores, I/O memory can be selected regardless of the number of cores, and you can access 2 TB of high speed memory per socket across 8 memory channels.

Stay ahead of your IT with AMD, through innovation that improves multi-tasking, heavy workloads, to enforce peak productivity.
Ryzen processors improve overall value and user experience through rich configurations to systems, warranty and additional accessories.

Digicor AMD Partner

Supermicro’s H11 & H12 Generation of A+ servers optimise AMD EPYC series of processors that offers next-level application optimised performance and deliver excellent core density, superior bandwidth and unparalleled I/O capacity.

Choose DiGiCOR’s ‘My Configurator’ to build your own server and embed the best AMD technology into your Supermicro A+ Server.

Build your Server

Customise it to meet your data-driven needs

The Right Choice for Computer Aided Engineering

New Generation of A+ Family of Servers

Choose from the broadest line of server systems in the industry


DiGiCOR and AMD Partnership at a glance
  • DiGiCOR partners with AMD to provided its embedded technology in Supermicro A+ family of servers
  • We offer you flexibility in building your own server with the components that you choose, Supermicro H11 and H12 generation of servers and motherboards are compatible with 2nd generation AMD EPYC processors
  • DiGiCOR provides limited warranty and services for each product to support you better with your choice.
Digicor AMD Partnership

Want to know buy AMD EPYC for HPC and Virtualisation Servers

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