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About Bitdefender

Bitdefender helps enterprises across the globe against cyber threats by providing security, prevention and accurate detection method responses, whether on the endpoint, network or cloud it can be accessed anywhere on Windows, macOS and Android.

Bitdefender internet security product suite is leading the market as the most trusted and highly awarded cybersecurity technology provider in the world

At DiGiCOR, we are dedicated to providing solutions to meet the security needs and challenges of businesses.

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Expert for Cybersecurity

No. 1 Ranked Expert’s Choice for Cybersecurity

Bitdefender is the provider of business security choices, being used by over 38% of the world’s security solutions.
Special Offers security protection

Bitdefender provides you with world-class security

We at DiGiCOR bring you this Bitdefender software which is easy to download with special offers only for our customers.

Case Study

Below are the results for the 15 attacks used in the test
Bitdefender Case Studies
This independent tests represent the success and failures each cyber-security program has against 15 different File-less Attacks and File-based Exploits.
Bitdefender total security scored a perfect 100% against all attacks and exploits, representing the leading level of security that companies can integrate.
Financial Service Case

Financial Services Provider

Advanced cybersecurity yields efficiency gains through positive outcomes

Tech Enterprise Case

Technology Enterprise

Protected 14,900 physical workstations and physical, virtual and cloud-based servers

Yamaha Case

Yamaha Motor

Gained early notification of suspicious incidents and prevented cases of any infections on devices


DiGiCOR partners with Bitdefender to provide high quality service and technology with industry recognition that ensures the security and satisfaction of each user
  • Through this partnership, we look to offer our local customers with the best deals including discounts and extra benefits on a security software we highly recommend for all businesses.
  • Stay secure with Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection, Network and Threat Prevention, Zero Rate Slowdown, Anti-Phishing, GravityZone security, Anti-malware protection and more.

With the rise in the importance of cybersecurity, feel free to read up on case studies from their previous customers such as Yamaha Motor, Commerce State Bank and more.

Digicor and Bitdefender help you create better IT services for your business

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