Chenbro Australia, chenbro digicor, chenbro cubicom200, chenbro nr40700, chenbro solutions, chenbro partner, chenbro chassis aus Configure Chenbro servers with a high standard in speed, flexibility and quality from innovative design and manufacturing technologies. Locally in Australia.

DiGiCOR Fully Configure Chenbro High Quality Servers

Chenbro is a company that has been the trailblazer in designing and manufacturing rackmount server systems, tower servers and PC chassis for over 35 years. Founded in 1983, the company has successfully extended to providing data centres and industrial solutions with innovative technologies at the highest standard.

The company strives to be the leading mechatronics architecture provider in ICT industry. Chenbro offers enterprise class levelproducts that are reputable for their speed, flexibility and quality through innovative design and manufacturing technologies.

Quality Systems

Chenbro commits to quality which is developed through a series of guidelines and standard processes to their products. They offer in-house laboratories and facilities for all kinds of testing and prototyping to ensure their systems can withstand vibration, avoid heat problems and operate optimally.
The manufacturing quality of Chenbro products are highly regarded through a series of DFM (Design for Manufacturing) activities, purposeful in solving potential problems, simplifying operations, and improving the factory efficiency. In addition, Chenbro applies that manufacturing is considered not only to endure performance, but also environmentally friendly practices and labour health and safety.
DiGiCOR Citrix Partnership

About our Partnership

  • DiGiCOR is a premium ANZ reseller and system integrator for Chenbro. We offer exceptional knowledge and expertise of their chassis models and product compatibilities.
  • Offer clients a wide variety of Tower/Pedestal Chassis up to 4U Rackmount chassis and Rackmount case suitable for all brands and motherboards at an inexpensive price point.
  • Provide a solution that provides OEM, ODM, and JDM services with EMS companies.

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