Citrix Australia, Digicor Citrix, Citrix partners, Australia CitrixStor, Citrix 5g, Citrix all-flash, Citrix backup, Citrix cloud Citrix makes it convenient and productive for employees to have access to all their necessary resources to work anywhere at anytime. Locally in Australia.


Citrix is a digital platform that offers employees all the tools they need to be productive in a single unified platform with the ability to enable and control the visibility, simplicity and security of the experience.


Since 1989, Citrix has made it more convenient for people to access to the resources that they need to do their work at any location and any time.

Citrix is worldly recognised with more than 100 million users across 400,000 organizations which include 99% of the Fortune 500 Companies. In addition to providing digitally specialized solutions for the Healthcare, Government, Financial services, Education, Manufacturing, Retail industries.

Digicor | Citrix ADC Solution
DiGiCOR Citrix

Citrix offers solutions to drive digital transformation for businesses through optimising digital workspaces, networking and security, and analytics technologies:

Citrix Solutions

Empower your workforce to improve productivity and employee experience.

Design the kind of cloud-ready platform powered by automation and personalized insights to guide and enable working smart. Configure, monitor, and manage entire technology infrastructure to deliver unified user experiences through a cloud ready environment. Employees are able to work anywhere with an optimized network powered by Citrix, as well as cutting operational costs and enhancing user experience.

Keep your IT landscape simple with flexibility and choice.

Connect technology ecosystems for the ability to reliably manage, deliver and secure resources on any device, network or cloud ready environments. The digital workplace technology uses machine learning to personally adapt each worker’s patterns and exceptions to get work done securely and productively.

Integrated approach to security to protect your future of work.

Protecting and securing sensitive data for all industries from getting lost or stolen is a top priority. Safeguard your IT environment through centralized security policies and processes of software-defined perimeters. To help grant safe access and full visibility across the ecosystem to address potential threats across all users, apps and networks.
DiGiCOR Citrix Partnership

About our Partnership

DiGiCOR partners with Citrix to provide you with solutions to meet the unique needs of your industry and business.

Through our partnership, we look to provide an affordable platform that enables flexibility and control through a cloud-based digital workspace. With all resources such as technologies, platform, devices and clouds are interconnected and unified without disrupting existing infrastructure.

Provide a secure solution for multi-device, hybrid- and multi-cloud environments through Citrix’s co-creation of a context-aware, software-defined perimeter that proactively protects against security threats.


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