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Nexenta by DDN provides the most cost and performance-optimal software-defined data services for enterprises, telcos and SPs with 5G and IoT requirements.

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Nexenta is a California based computer software company that specialises in data storage and backup.

Nexenta is the original market maker and leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS) for multi-cloud-focused enterprises and 5G and IoT-driven telcos and SPs.

Nexenta flexibly enables a wide variety of legacy, enterprise, 5G, and IoT-driven telco and next-gen cloud-native apps, on certified cloud platform, protocol and hardware infrastructures to power the most cost/performant multi-cloud data centres.

Nexenta has developed a range of products including NexentaStor, NexentaCloud, NexentaFusion and NexentaEdge.

If you are looking for a unified file and block storage server, that enables you to share file services (such as through use of NFS and SMB) then NexentaStor is the product that suits your needs.

If you are looking for a scalable object storage platform, that allows you to use modern object storage API such as S3 or Swift, then NexentaEdge is the product for you.

NexentaEdge is also the best solution for you if you are planning on using an OpenStack deployment.

Keep up with the market’s latest trend in 5G technology.

Many service providers worldwide are gearing up for 5G Mobility, enterprises are making massive software-defined infrastructure and storage investments for 5G-ready Telco CloudsFurther implementing a commodity-based software-defined infrastructure, which Nexenta delivers their award-winning software to deliver high-performance storage services to virtualized network functions and telco applications.

Nexenta is the first software-defined storage solution in the industry – they are also the largest in the industry in relation to revenue, customer base and capacity.

Nexenta is the only pure-play software-defined storage solution on any protocol, any architecture (scale up or scale out), any server, any disk and any cloud platform.

Nexenta SDS solutions provide you the flexibility to deploy your workloads who and where is right for your business.

Nexenta products are simpler than ever, they are enterprise ready, they provide room for future growth and they provide your business with the flexibility to decide what storage options you want to take advantage of, depending on your budget.

If you are still unsure, Nexenta offers a 45-day free trial on their complete-suite of Software-Defines Storage Solutions so that you can try them out without the commitment.

SUPERMICRO Nexenta NexentaStor allows IT departments to upgrade their storage infrastructure, improving flexibility and agility, and overall reducing costs to the enterprise without compromising what our consumer’s value – availability, reliability, or functionality.

As it runs on world-class server hardware, the SUPERMICRO and NexentaStor storage solutions deliver a high standard of unified file and block storage services, with extremely powerful data protection capabilities.

What products does Nexenta offer?

NexentaStor™: Full-Featured SDS for Enterprise Applications

NexentaStor delivers full featured unified file (NFS and SMB) and block (Fibre Channel and iSCSI) storage services and can scale from terabytes to petabytes.

NexentaStor can be deployed on bare metal hardware to replace legacy all-flash, hybrid and all-disk storage appliances, or in virtual machines on private cloud to add enterprise grade file services to traditional SANs and hyper-converged infrastructure deployments.

Suggested use cases for NexentaStor (VSA)


NexentaStor is built for enterprises

High performance unified block and file services for databases, enterprise NAS and private cloud deployments

Complete/ Full features perpetual license that includes inline data reduction, unlimited snapshots, long distance replication and simple management with NexentaFusion

Flexible software that can be deployed on a bare metal hardware, or as virtual storage appliances on private cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure

Lower TCO

Use of a REST API management framework to provide easy programmability and orchestration for DevOps teams.

Suggested use cases for NexentaStor (VSA):

Flash for any workload (Harness the power of high performance & low latency storage and move more workloads to flash with SDS.)

Enterprise file services (True enterprise class NFS and SMB protocols proven in complex enterprise Active-Directory infrastructure, with unlimited file size, scalability and performance.)

Virtual workloads (Integrated & optimized for VMware, Microsoft, & OpenStack infrastructure environments.)

Backup and archive (From 10’s of TB to multi-PB deployments. Highly durable with rich data integrity to protect critical information. Certified with Commvault, Veeam, NetBackup and others.)


High performance NFSv3, NFSv4, SMB 2.1 and SMB 3

Concurrent NFS & SMB sharing

Simplicity to manage through NexentaFusion or vCentre Plugin

Capacity savings inline data reduction

Inline IO acceleration improving performance

Integrated and scheduled snapshots

Maintains data integrity during stressful tasks - network/disk, host recovery

High Performance Replication (scheduled & continuous)

High Availability on Shared VMDK

Suggested use cases for NexentaStor (VSA):

User directories and profiles

Branch office consolidation

Back-up storage

Line of business applications

Departmental storage

Virtual desktop infrastructure

NexentaStor Virtual Appliance (VSA)

NexentaStor Virtual Appliance (VSA): Extending File Services through SDS

NexentaStor VSA storage pools are built on VMDKs presented by the HCI cluster. They utilize the storage resiliency that is inherent to the core HCI storage array.

This software-only, storage solution features a rich feature set including unlimited snapshots and clones, inline data reduction, thin provisioning and remote replication to any other NexentaStor or NexentaCloud appliance.

NexentaStor VSA Certified as VMware Ready for VMware vSAN: This designation indicates that after a detailed validation process NexentaStor VSA has achieved VMware’s highest level of endorsement and is supported on VMware Virtual SAN for production environments. This qualification enables Nexenta and VMware customers an added level of validation and confidence when deploying NexentaStor VSA in a VMware vSAN environment.

NexentaStor VSA for Tintri


Enterprise feature set (NFSv3, NFSv4, SMB 2.1, SMB 3.02, Active Directory integration, Windows style ACLs, space-optimized snapshots, clones, remote replication)

Specifically optimised for Tintri meaning there is a maximisation of space saving from Tintri inline compression and duplication.

There is no added hardware

Simple management (CLI, state of the art REST API and centralized management via NexentaFusion or a VMware vCentre plugin (Flex or HTML5)

Suggested use cases for NexentaStor (VSA):

Virtual desktop infrastructure

User directories and profiles

Branch office consolidation

Line of business applications

NexentaStor VSA for Tintri

With Nexenta by DDN software-defined storage, Tintri customers can now benefit from full-featured block (iSCSI) and file functionality (NFS & SMB) with a mature homegrown SMB stack for Windows and Mac clients, hardened over more than thousand enterprise customers.

NexentaStor VSA for Tintri is deployed via a specific OVF on VMware ESXi hosts and the Tintri datastore.

Made to maximize deduplication and data reduction for Tintri, NexentaStor VSA is managed via NexentaFusion or a VMware vCentre plugin (Flex or HTML5).


Multi-system management and deployment (a single screen is used to provide quick insights and a starting point to drill down into any system on multiple Nexenta arrays).

Advanced analytics and extensive historical trends

Intuitive workflows for simple operations (the NexentaFusion UI simplifies such a task as creating a file system and scheduling snapshots or replications to allow you to manage your day-to-day storage tasks in a matter of minutes)

One-click deployment on NexentaCloud

Modern user interface

Rules based provisioning and end-to-end service orchestration.


Single pane of glass management of all storage assets

NexentaFusion has a highly customisable interactive analytics dashboard

NexentaFusion allows for the collection of extensive long-term statistics.

Advanced historical analytics of storage performance

Predictive analytics on storage availability, performance and utilization

Orchestration and automation of complex provisioning operations

Simple hybrid storage cloud provisioning

Centralised disaster recovery configuration and management.

NexentaFusion™: Centralized Management and Analytics

NexentaFusion provides simplified scaling and management through a single pane for reporting, monitoring, analytics, and orchestration for your storage assets. From tens of terabytes to petabyte scale enterprise and service provider solutions, NexentaFusion compliments your Nexenta deployments by managing Nexenta Software-Defined Storage solutions.

NexentaFusion™: Centralized Management and Analytics

NexentaCloud™: Enterprise NAS for the Public Cloud

NexentaFusion provides simplified scaling and management through a single pane for reporting, monitoring, analytics, and orchestration for your storage assets.

From tens of terabytes to petabyte scale enterprise and service provider solutions, NexentaFusion compliments your Nexenta deployments by managing Nexenta Software-Defined Storage solutions.

NexentaCloud™: Enterprise NAS for the Public Cloud


Full features file (NFS and SMB) and block (iSCSI) storage array

Improved cloud resource efficiency through data reduction, thin provisioning, snap shots and clones

Seamless replication to/from NexentaStor and NexentaCloud

Rapid deployment of NexentaCloud instances for test/dev operations

Advanced analytics across the entire Nexenta storage environment

The ability to migrate legacy applications to the cloud without re-architecting

Single pane management for all storage operations – file and block – whether on-premise or cloud-based

Suggested use cases for NexentaCloud:

True enterprise file services in AWS

Cloud disaster recovery (consistent replication management across your data centres and Amazon’s cloud.

Self-service Test/Development

Migration of legacy applications (reduce production outages and decrease application migration cost by migrating legacy application workloads from traditional on-premises NAS and SAN solutions to a unified cloud based platform without the need to redesign the application or end user workflow).


Minimum of enterprise class non-blocking 10GbE switches

4 servers each with: CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2630v3 DRAM: 64GB Boot Drive: HDD Minimum 1x 10GbE NIC Minimum of 4 HDDs and 1 SSD for Block storage configurations

Ubuntu 16.04, CentOS 7.3, RHEL 7.3 host operating system support

Suggested use cases for NexentaCloud

Suggested use cases for NexentaCloud:

High performance object storage capabilities

Advanced data reduction technology

Quick Erasure Coding (which eliminates the performance penalty usually associated with accessing objects in traditional erasure coded solutions while offering data protection against multiple hardware failures with as little as 30% overhead.

Cluster-wide inline deduplication and compression of all data delivers impressive savings for organizations with thousands of VM boot images.

Greater scalability, redundancy and durability bought on by the possession of a distributed metadata service.

NexentaEdge also supports unified namespace across file and object, allowing applications to access the same data via either method.

Multi-Service Scale-Out Storage Software

NexentaEdge is a truly distributed, scale-out architecture, consisting of four or more physical servers interconnected using a dedicated 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) network for cluster communication.

The connected servers form a cluster that maintains redundancy and resilience of data throughout the system using strong cryptographic checksums for data integrity, and replication technology to ensure hardware-level redundancy.

NexentaEdge is ideally suited to support use cases from Enterprise and Next Generation Clouds, Object Applications,and large Object-Based Archives.

NexentaEdge clusters can be deployed as either all-flash, hybrid, or all-disk configurations.

NexentaEdge is ideally suited to be an OpenStack back end.

Use Cases & Solutions

veterans in the industry

Future Proof

Nexenta storage solutions are designed to be future proof. They allow their customers the opportunity to scale out or scale up, whilst not sacrificing on speed or efficiency.

flexibility in application

Flexibility in Application

Nexenta not only provides customers the flexibility to decide what storage system they are looking for, but offers flexibility regarding what they want to pair their Nexenta product with. For example, Nexenta products can interact with a wide range of IoT, cloud platforms, protocols or hardware infrastructure.

High Performance

High Performance

Through their efficient and quality products Nexenta has grown to possess the largest revenue, customer base and capacity within their industry.
This is demonstrated by the way Nexenta’s storage solutions deliver a high standard of unified file and block storage services, with extremely powerful data protection capabilities.

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