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IXsystems is a leader in Open Source storage and server technology through their expertise in hardware designs and projects such as FreeNAS and TrueNAS, the number one Open Source storage operating system in the market.

Our Partnership with iXsystems

DiGiCOR is an authorised partner and reseller of iXsystems and their Open Storage platform TrueNAS. This allows us to provide you with maximum protection, scalability, flexibility, performance, and freedom through iXsystems and TrueNAS technology within Australia and New Zealand.

TrueNAS Australia caters to your Data-center compute, virtualization, mission critical, and replication workloads as a scalable and openstack solution. The deployment of TrueNAS is optimised and simplified to assist businesses scale-out with less down-time. In addition, you are able to pair the iXsystems storage system with TrueNAS VMware, TrueNAS Veeam, and TrueNAS Citrix.

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Q & A

If your business leverages or is looking to leverage Open Source technology, iXsystems is perfect for you.
We can provide you with the ideal Open Source solution from the storage and server solution lines such as FreeNAS and TrueNAS, boasting OpenZFS, storage freedom, high availability and enterprise support.

A TrueNAS enterprise server is a server solution designed for business-critical data, 24x365 operation and full enterprise-level support. The solution can be delivered as a turnkey solution with high availability options and integration with key vendors such as VMware and Veeam.

Looking to buy or configure iXsystems TrueNAS servers in Australia or New Zealand?
You’ve come to the right place. We are an authorised iXsystem and TrueNAS partner and reseller. We configure, build, and help How do I configure an iXsystem TrueNAS server? 1. Choose the model of TrueNAS server you are wanting to configure.2. Customise the specifications to fit your workload preferences.deploy the latest iXsystems technology to give your business the competitive edge.

iXsystems has also created the world’s most popular and free storage OS, FreeNAS, and the commercial version being TrueNAS enterprise.
FreeNAS is a free downloadable Open Source operating software that benefits features in virtual machines and plugins, now with the ability to unify with TrueNAS capabilities.

Many enterprises and corporations worldwide utilise Open Source technology and have adopted iXsystems TrueNAS technology as a solution. Some examples are: LinkedIn, Sony, Disney, NASA, Yelp, Sega, Adobe and more.

1. Choose the model of TrueNAS server you are wanting to configure.
2. Customise the specifications to fit your workload preferences.
3. Add-on any extras such as additional licensing, support services or warranty services.
4. Submit your quote and we’ll get back to you quickly!

Benefits of TrueNAS

  • True Protection

    The TrueNAS ZFS file system allows for integration with all key backup vendors and virtual machine environments, and is certified with VMware, Veeam and Citrix.

  • True Scalability

    The TrueNAS ZFS provides future-proof benefits through its 128-bit scale up file system that delivers continunous use of up to decades.
    With the ability to cater to hundreds of GBs to 10PB per system, increasing capacity is simple.

  • True Flexibility

    TrueNAS provides wide range of choice.
    SMB, AFP, and NFS for file storage.
    ISCSI and Fibre Channel for block storage.
    S3-compatible PAIs for object storage.

  • True Performance

    TrueNAS is flash-turbocharged to deliver a solution that is ideally balanced in the price and performance department.
    Utilising TrueCache to optimise RAM, flash storage and spinning disks, allowing for flash-like performance and spinning-disk ability and value.

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