The TrueNAS X-Series is our compact 2U enterprise storage system built on the powerful OpenZFS file system and TrueNAS enterprise NAS operating system, both of which are open source, for unbeatable value and performance. The TrueNAS scale support high standard for data integrity and operating systems. Available in hybrid or all-flash configurations, the X-Series easily integrates into any environment as a storage platform with support for all major block, file, and object protocols. A single X-Series system with TrueNAS core can support up to 1 petabyte of raw capacity and is over 70% more cost-effective over five years compared to AWS and other cloud-based solutions. Powerful enterprise features, like ZFS data protection and high-availability, ensure up to 99.999% uptime to keep your business running even when components fail and makes it an ideal storage solution for Virtual Machine. Choose from gold, silver, or bronze Enterprise support packages with flexible options from 24×365 support to on-site repair from our US-based team.

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