Nexenta Australia, Digicor nexenta, nexenta partners, Australia NexentaStor, nexenta 5g, nexenta all-flash, nexenta backup, nexenta cloud Installed by thousands of companies across the world, Nexenta storage software allows for innovative storage infrastructure. Locally in Australia.
DiGiCOR Nexenta Partner


Nexenta is the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage, which is what we call Open Software-Defined Storage (Open SDS). They uniquely integrate software-only “Open Source” collaboration with commodity hardware-centric “Software-Defined Storage” innovation.

Nexenta storage software has been installed by thousands of companies across the world serving a wide variety of workloads and business-critical solutions.

Did you know that Nexenta powers some of the world’s largest cloud deployments?

Digicor | Nexenta Solution
They also host some of the industry’s best entertainment content, securely transfer vast quantities of government data across multiple continents and ensure that hundreds of thousands of medical records are kept safe and available at the point of service for healthcare companies located worldwide.
Nexenta are the pioneers in presenting innovative flexible storage solutions and systems to the market.
  • SUPERMICRO Nexenta NexentaStor allows IT departments to upgrade their storage infrastructure, improving flexibility and agility, and overall reducing costs to the enterprise without compromising what our consumer’s value – availability, reliability, or functionality.
  • As it runs on world-class server hardware, the SUPERMICRO and NexentaStor storage solutions deliver a high standard of unified file and block storage services, with extremely powerful data protection capabilities.

Nexenta 5G Mobility Solutions

- Keep up with the market’s latest trend in 5G technology.
- Many service providers worldwide are gearing up for 5G Mobility, enterprises are making massive software-defined infrastructure and storage investments for 5G-ready Telco Clouds
- Further implementing a commodity-based software-defined infrastructure, which Nexenta delivers their award-winning software to deliver high-performance storage services to virtualized network functions and telco applications.

Nexenta All-Flash Systems

- Choose the right All-Flash storage solution for huge benefits to your organization.
- Nexenta All-Flash Solutions can increase performance and reduce storage latency at a lower TCO than your current storage by choosing all the right all-flash storage solutions.
- Nexenta “Software-Defined Storage” solutions offer you the ability to accomplish all this and more.

Nexenta Backup & Archive Systems

- Protect your businesses’ vital data assets now.
- It is essential for a business to protect data in storage environments. Nexenta provides state of the art archiving, backup, and recovery- while drastically cutting storage costs, reducing risk, simplifying management, and enhancing performance while providing flexibility to leverage the public cloud.

Nexenta Cloud & Virtualization Systems

- Nexenta Cloud Systems have pioneered innovation within cloud technology.
- Guided towards leading Open Software-Defined Storage software solutions for Private, Public, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud enterprise environments. This has enabled computing of a wide variety of workloads from legacy enterprise to next-generation cloud-native apps, on any cloud platform, any protocol and any hardware infrastructure to power the largest and most cost/performant data centres globally.