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SUPERMICRO is a global IT leader in high performance, high efficiency and green server technology and innovations, growing from a Silicon Valley start-up to a multi-billion dollar Fortune 1000 company. They have pioneered towards the development of end-to-end green computing solutions to Data Centres, Enterprise IT, Big Data, High-Performance Computing, embedded markets and various industries.

Why Supermicro?

SUPERMICRO provides the broadest range of high-quality products to choose from, this includes Motherboards, Power Supplies, Chassis and Accessories. They are dedicated in providing high quality, reliability and environmentally-friendly solutions.

DiGiCOR partners with Supermicro to give you that platform where your business has access to all of Supermicro Australia’s cutting-edge technology for solutions that meet the demands of your data-driven business objectives.

Supermicro is a global leader in high-efficiency server technology, innovation and a well trusted brand in all industries across the globe. With this, they offer a highly extensive warranty and replacement policy. Customers have access to Supermicro’s 24/7 resources such as global partners, technical support teams and more to guarantee your issues are resolved.

What is a supermicro server?

A Supermicro Server is a combination of hardware and x86-64 server technology as IT infrastructure. There is a wide range of product categories that Supermicro servers classify into such as: Supermicro blade servers, Supermicro storage servers, Supermicro workstations, Supermicro rackmount servers, Supermicro superservers, Supermicro gpu servers. Digicor offer a Supermicro configurator tool, where you will be able to implement technology such as Supermicro AMD EPYC, AMD servers, Tesla v100, and more, to fit your business requirements.

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Industry’s broadest selection of high-quality hardware for fully application optimised servers, storage. Embedded/IoT and workstation solutions