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SUPERMICRO has grown from a Silicon Valley start-up to a multi-billion dollar Fortune 1000 company. The establishment of the company as a provider of leading enterprise data center solutions has continued to drive impressive and consistent growth for a quarter of a century, impressively achieving 6 X revenue growth over the past ten years.

SUPERMICRO provides the broadest range of high- quality products to choose from, including- Motherboards, Power Supplies, Chassis and Accessories. It is a global leader in providing high performance, high efficiency Server technology and innovation. It also helps to develop end-to-end green computing solutions to Data Centres, Enterprise IT, Big Data, High- Performance Computing, embedded markets and various industries.

DiGiCOR partners with Supermicro to give you that platform where your business can access all of Supermicro Australia’s high- quality products being the global leader in high-efficiency server technology, innovation and a well trusted brand in all industries across the globe.

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Industry’s broadest selection of high-quality hardware for fully application optimised servers, storage. Embedded/IoT and workstation solutions

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