SuperWorkstation, Workstation, Remote Workstation, 5520, Tylersburg, CAD, CAE, CAM, Multimedia, 7.1Audio, SLI, Thunderbolt, Supermicro, Super Micro DiGiCOR provides Supermicro SuperWorkstations Australia wide that are optimised for high I/O throughput, storage capacity & powerful graphics capabilities. Supermicro's signature server grade quality & support gives more processing capacity in less space with better efficiency, with less noise. Supermicro offers Support for Next Business Day or 4-Hour Same Day hardware maintenance service.
[COVID-19] A note to our customers. We will continue our operations and ensure your business continuity. We ensure safety of our customers, employees, and community above all else and have met the Health Department and WHO requirements in our decision.
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Supermicro SuperWorkstation Australia

Supermicro SuperWorkstations are optimally built with powerful GPUs for high-performance computing power within a simple, single workstation.

A single machine that offers uncompromised performance and specifications. With optimal design and rendering features, efficient editing of layers and effects can occur in real time.

Stay ahead of your business objectives with SuperWorkstations