Compact Box PC, Gateway, Gateway Solutions, Hub, Internet of Things, Internet of Things Gateway, Internet of Things Solutions, SuperServer, Server Solution, Rack server, Supermicro DiGiCOR provides Supermicro Embedded / IOT Solutions Australia wide. Supermicro's new scalable Compact Box PC is based on Intel® Quark™ SoC X1021 (FCBGA 393). It is well-suited for embedded applications such as Smart Building/Home Gateway, Retail store or Warehouse Hub, Smart Factory IoT Gateway.

Supermicro Embedded / IOT Server Australia

DiGiCOR offers innovative technology with the help of Supermicro to use in various embedded computer platforms. These act like the basis embedded or IoT solutions to help to transform rapid growth, driving higher levels of product integration and optimization through network connectivity, remote management, mobile communication, expanded I/O, etc.