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Supermicro Fattwin Server Australia

Supermicro Fat Twin SuperServer is a high density server system which includes highly configurable memory storage capacities and network capabilities to improve all kinds of business operations. The FatTwin servers are optimized for HPC, Hyperscale/Hypercoverged computing, Data Center, Enterprise Applications and Big Data.

The 4U FatTwin is the latest addition to Supermicro's exceptional line of Twin Architecture SuperServer solutions. It is available in 8/4/2 high-density hot plug system node configurations with much choice in the memory capacity, hard disk drive, power supplies, and more. This system offers high efficiency and highly effective shared cooling architecture to allow the FatTwin to operate in various environments, high-temperature to free-air cooled environments and up to 47°C. The FatTwin is a highly versatile configurable system that is optimized for your performance needs.