Supermicro GPU Systems, GPU rack server, gpgpu server, GPU Solutions, GPU Servers, HPC Solutions, machine learning servers, GPU architectures, cost efficient servers DiGiCOR provides Supermicro GPU Systems Australia wide. Supermicro GPU systems are optimized for AI, deep learning, and HPC applications in 1U, 2U, 4U/Tower, and 10U form factors. Different NVIDIA GPUs supported.

Supermicro GPU System Australia

Supermicro’s GPU support Super System is a key establishment of why the company is a global leader in Hi-performance, Enterprise-class Super Computing and Green IT. This system generates massive parallel processiong power and unrivalled networking flexibility with PCl-E 3.0 expansion slots, 1G or 10G Ethernet, or FDR InfiniBand ports.

It is extremely optimized for the most intensive applications in AI/Deep learning, Virtual Desktop, Scientific Research, 3D Rendering Farm and HPC. With innovations in highly optimized GPU-to-GPU interconnect architecture and accelerated deployment and peace of mind.