Cable-less, hot-pluggable and Micro cloud server nodes operate independently

The Supermicro Micro Cloud is a modular server system that can provide a powerful, efficient, and affordable option for demanding server deployments. It features 24/12/8 modular server nodes that are housed in a compact 3U chassis that is less than 30 inches deep. This design saves over 76% of rack space compared to traditional 1U servers. Additionally, the server nodes are designed to be cable-less and hot-pluggable, which allows for easy, independent operation.

The Supermicro Micro Cloud is a versatile system that can be used for multiple purposes, such as hosting and content delivery, hyperscale/hyperconvergence computing, and data center and cloud computing. Its design is innovative and includes features such as power and density optimization, cost-effectiveness, and easy access and serviceability through front I/O options. This system is an ideal solution for business of all size.


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