Storage, Simply Double, Storage Bridge Bay, SBB, Storage Server, Chassis, Storage Chassis, NVMe, NVMe Platform, PCI-E SSD, SSD, RAID/HBA, RAID Card, Riser Card, Supermicro, Super Micro DiGiCOR provides Supermicro SuperStorage solutions Australia wide. Supermicro's extensive range of rackmount storage server solutions provides exceptionally high storage density with high-efficiency power to maximize performance-per-watt savings to reduce TCO.

Supermicro Super Storage Server Australia

Supermicro SuperStorage systems support node-based deployment architecture where CPU and HDD capacity scale together or deployments can be expanded using JBODs for improved economy. Low-latency SSD applications, large media files require massive capacity and enterprise workloads, this system provides the highest performance from Supermicro’s SAS 3.0(12Gbps) support which provides low-latency and maximum data bandwidth.

This system is highly efficient, application optimized, highly reliable and serviceable. To be optimized for hosting & content delivery, enterprise applications, data warehousing, general purpose computing and high availability storage.