Veeam Australia, Veeam digicor, Veeam com, veeam technology, veeam aus, veeam cloud Secure your organisation with Veeam backup solutions that reduce complexity and out-perform legacy backups. Local in Australia.

DiGiCOR partnered with Veeam to provide Industry-leading Backup, Recovery & Replication Software. Veeam® Backup & Replication™ delivers Availability for all your cloud, virtual and physical workloads designed to meet the backup demands for organizations of all sizes to reduce complexity and out-perform legacy backup. Specialized for many different types of recovery, the next-generation Instant Recovery Engine allows extreme flexibility all from a single-pass, image level backup.

About Veeam

Veeam is the global-leader in backup solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management. They provide a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud and security data. Veeam solutions are simple to install and run, offer flexibility and reliability that fits any environment.

Veeam was founded in 2006, where their main focus was on simplifying backups for virtual machines. They quickly became the leader in backup with the fastest and most reliable data recovery in virtual environments.

Veeam Story

Veeam made sure that data is always available, protected and actively working for businesses around the world. Hence, Veeam assists hundreds of thousands of companies keep their companies running regardless of where it resides – physical systems, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud or SaaS services.

Veeam continues to innovate the industry by delivering simple, flexible and reliable back-up solutions to over 365,000+ customers worldwide.

Why Veeam?

Veeam is ranked #1 in market share within EMEA and #4 worldwide with 365,000+ customers worldwide. 82% of Fortune 500 companies trust Veeam and have integrated the solution within their company. As a result, more than 24,000 cloud service provider’s partner with Veeam, as a combined effort to Veeam achieving 170+ Top Industry Awards.

Veeam Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Management solves the many challenges businesses face within digital transformation such as skills gaps, security, data migration and performance concerns.
Veeam does this by providing a solution that offers:
Digicor | Modernized Backup

Modernized Backup

Replaces legacy systems, freeing labour and resources while protecting data and workloads
Digicor | Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Hybrid Cloud Acceleration

Innovative cloud path through flexibility in data migration, visibility and continuity
Digicor | Data Security

Data Security

Automation with data security, compliance and governance, protecting your data and your clients’ privacy.
About our partnership
  • Digicor partners with Veeam to provide a unique solution that enables any organization to achieve unparalleled features of data visibility, availability, automation, and governance across data centres, at the edge and in the cloud.
  • We look to provide the most complete solution for modern digital transformation for all companies.
  • Confidence in integrating Veeam as a solution with our flexible and custom services.

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