DiGiCOR VSAN Certified Intel

VMware vSAN

Intel VMware VSAN is a powerful platform, which delivers hyper-converged infrastructure becoming essential for the software-defined data centre. This system provides unique scalability, security and performance features that are integral for the latest technology upgrades and storage intensive data centre workloads.

Intel’s VMware vSAN solutions

  • Modern businesses need modern technological infrastructure solutions to handle the needs of processing data workloads in the data centre. Intel has provided a scalable, high performing, secure and manageable solution for enterprise workloads that require a large amount of system memory with peak performance. This will improve in-memory databases, complex analytics applications and high density virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) deployments.
  • At DiGiCOR, we deliver Intel solutions for VMware vSAN as a preconfigured solution, which is optimized by VMware and Intel. It is built on high-performing infrastructure designed to handle demanding, latency-sensitive use cases. We offer an Upgraded 2019 Second Version of Intel Select Solutions for VMware vSAN that exceeds the capabilities of prior-generation Intel Solutions for VMware vSAN, with the facilitation of performance for memory-constrained workloads.
  • We can provide businesses with Intel Select Solutions that power VMware vSAN and VMware vSphere deployments with Intel Optane DC Solid State Drives (SSDs), Intel 3D NAND SSDs, 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors, Intel Ethernet Network Adapters, and other Intel technologies. You will be able to configure an infrastructure solution based on these specifications which can help overcome cost, capacity limitations and performance-critical use cases.
  • The #1 Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution in the market is VMware vSAN

    VMware vSAN provides IT organisations with a pathway to digital transformation, delivering consistent infrastructure and consistent operations across data centres and public cloud. This enables businesses to accelerate application speed and agility to drive innovation and growth. Using commodity x86 server components, vSAN-powered hyperconverged infrastructure also lowers storage costs by 40% or more compared to traditional server and storage architectures.
    Intel Data Centre Blocks for VMware vSAN reduce the costs, complexity and risk associated with deploying a modern hyperconverged infrastructure.

    Why Choose VMware vSAN for Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

    Natively Integrated Solution 1. Natively Integrated – Scalable, high-performance and secure infrastructure with the only vSphere-native storage virtualization software. It simplifies storage tasks, enhances performance and increases security.
    Lower Cost Solution 2. Lower costs – Reduces capital expenditure as it requires only industry-standard x86 servers. Achieve a better price per performance by supporting the latest storage technology on industry-standard servers. Leverage x86 servers and buy just what you need more easily, scaling up or out with us at DiGiCOR.
    Simple Operation 3. Operationally Simple – Eliminates manual processes and the need for specific operational expertise in teams. A single IT team can monitor and manage compute and storage resources from a single tool, freeing up staff time resources and overhead. Roll out infrastructure and applications with ease and limited training.