High-performance embedded rackmount systems designed for micro data centers and Edge computing. Rackmount systems support powerful processors while providing high levels of configurability.

Rackmount Embedded Systems | DiGiCOR 2024

Our Rackmount Embedded Systems category offers a wide range of solutions for various embedded applications such as IoT, edge computing, network security, and industrial automation. These systems support powerful processors from Intel and AMD that provide low-power compute and graphics performance, high scalability and reliability, and rich I/O options. Whether you need a compact, short-depth server for space-constrained environments or a high-density, multi-node server for 5G and edge applications, we have the right solution for you.

Some of the key features of this category are:

  • Support for Intel ATOM, Intel Celeron, Intel Core i , Intel Xeon D, Intel Xeon E3, Intel Xeon W , Intel Xeon Scalable , and AMD Epyc processors with various core counts, frequencies, and thermal envelopes
  • Support for extended temperature operation, expanded I/O, real-time performance, and functional safety on select models
  • Support for multiple form factors optimized for different embedded applications such as outdoor edge systems, mini tower, rackmount, and embedded motherboards
  • Support for networking products such as Ethernet switches and network interface cards (NICs)
  • What are the benefits of this category?

  • Achieve optimum density in a multi-node edge rackmount platform with the Supermicro SuperEdge. Designed for 5G, IoT and edge applications, the Supermicro SuperEdge is a short-depth, multi-node server that provides high density and rich I/O for network edge, retail or field locations where small form factors are desired
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