IP65 Server Platforms for Intelligent Edge, 5G, and Telecom.

Outdoor Rugged Edge Embedded Systems | DiGiCOR 2024

Edge computing and 5G networks are transforming the way we live, work and play. They enable faster and smarter applications for mobility, health, entertainment and more. To harness the full potential of these technologies, you need an outdoor embedded rugged system that can handle harsh environments and support various network and AI software stacks. Whether you need to deploy virtualized network elements such as DU, FPGA Acceleraton, O-RAN or other NFV Software stacks, or process local data for smart cities and industrial use-cases via GPU accelerator cards with EGS and other AI software stacks, our outdoor rugged edge embedded systems can provide you with the performance, scalability and reliability you need.

Some of the key features of this category are:

  • Support for Intel ATOM, Intel Celeron, Intel Core i , Intel Xeon D, Intel Xeon E3, Intel Xeon W , Intel Xeon Scalable , and AMD Epyc processors with various core counts, frequencies, and thermal envelopes
  • IP65 Server Platforms for Intelligent Edge, 5G, and Telecom
  • Rugged design for harsh outdoor environments
  • High performance and scalability
  • Low power consumption and noise
  • Support for various operating systems and applications
  • What are the benefits of this category?

  • You can deploy servers closer to the data sources and users, reducing latency and bandwidth costs
  • You can enhance security and privacy by processing data locally instead of sending it to the cloud
  • You can enable new use cases such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, industrial IoT, etc.
  • You can leverage DiGiCOR’s expertise and support in providing flexible IT infrastructure solutions
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