8 to 40 cores, PCIe-Gen4 support, Intel Xeon Scalabl This category supports Intel 3rd Gen Xeon scalable family. These processors are optimized for multi-cloud and AI, serving many workloads from edge to cloud. Intel Xeon is also ideal for enterprise, HPC, network, security, and IoT workloads with 8 to up to 40 powerful cores. In addition, it delivers a wide range of frequency, features, and power levels.

Intel Xeon Scalable | DiGiCOR 2024

This category supports Intel 3rd Gen and 4th Gen Xeon scalable family. These processors are designed for a wide range of workloads from edge to cloud, with built-in AI acceleration advanced security features. Intel Xeon is ideal for enterprise, HPC, network, security, and IoT applications with up to 60 cores per processor. It also offers a variety of frequency, feature, and power levels to suit different needs.

Some of the key features of this family are:

  • Optimized for cloud, AI, enterprise, HPC, network, security, and internet of things (IoT) workloads
  • Up to 60 cores and a wide range of frequency (up to 4.1 GHz), features (up to 80 lanes of PCIe Gen5), and power levels1
  • Built-in AI acceleration with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost), supporting end-to-end data science tools and a vast ecosystem of smart solutions
  • Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) protects data and application code in real-time from the edge to the data center
  • Memory capacity up to 6 terabytes per processor/socket with Intel® Optane™ persistent memory 200 series1
  • PCIe-Gen5 support with up to 80 lanes per processor for faster data transfer
  • Intel® Crypto Acceleration increases the performance of encryption-intensive workloads
  • Full compatibility with Intel® technologies such as Intel® Optane™ SSDs and Intel® FPGAs
  • What are the benefits of this category?

  • Faster time to value with Intel® Select Solutions that are pre-configured and verified for specific workloads.
  • Strong, capable platforms for the data-fueled enterprise that can handle diverse and demanding tasks.
  • Next-generation platform for cloud-optimized, 5G-ready networks, and next-generation virtual networks that can deliver low latency and high throughput.
  • Breakthrough HPC and high-performance data analytics innovation that can accelerate scientific discovery and business insights.
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