Asus Intel Xeon E-2300 processor-based servers are powerful servers that are perfect for small businesses.

Blog | It’s match between the Asus Intel Xeon-2300 processors-based servers and small businesses!

February 24th 2022
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Everything you need to know about entry-level short-depth Asus server


Times are changing. Your needs as a small business are increasingly growing. Whether it’s in relation to workload demands, performance, or capabilities, one thing is certain; your expectations need to be met. In other words, you need a server that can make your goals happen!

What do you as a small business look for in a server? Is it Scalability to accommodate future growth? Check. Advanced performance capabilities? Check. Reliability and security? Check. We really do have the server for you so let us tell you more about your perfect match! 

What are the features and benefits of the Intel Xeon E-2300?

Intel Xeon E-2300 enables small businesses to run multi-user applications, for example; email, messaging, print servers, calendar programs, and other software that facilitates data sharing collaboration.  

A dedicated, on-premise server offers answers for a number of small businesses customers including:

•    Bandwidth constraints, latency, or heavy data usage that cause performance issues

•    Uncertainty and inability to plan for setup and ongoing cloud service costs
•    Preference for up-front payment over extended payment schedule

•    Some legacy applications cannot be migrated to the cloud

•    Regulatory, compliance, or data sovereignty requirements mandate that data must be secured on-premises

In addition, higher core counts and higher clock rates enable a move to these single socket systems without performance degradation. As a result, organizations and enterprises can take advantage of the reliability of single-socket servers to reduce costs and service their customers better. In general, using a single socket server does not limit the types or intensity of workloads that can be assigned to that system.

Intel Asus Features

ASUS RS300-E11-PS4/RS4 Hardware Overview

The RS300-E11 is a short depth 1U server that is just under 20″ or 497mm deep. For many small businesses, this provides an ideal depth as not all have the space or access to 600mm+ racks or server cabinets. The short depth and small form factor also greatly reduce logistics costs.

The front of the system has four 3.5″ bays and a place for a slim optical drive. This 4x 3.5″ configuration is very popular in the segment. Here, 3.5″ is popular because it can handle a mix of 3.5″ and 2.5″ without the addition of conversion adaptors. In many of these servers, 3.5″ drives are used for capacity or low-cost capacity, and sometimes 1-2 2.5″ drives will be used for boot.

Intel Asus hardwareIntel Asus hardware 2

The rear contains 2 PCIe Gen4 expansion slots and a proprietary PCIe gen 3 slot for an additional 10G network interface. This gives the system 10G networking capacity whilst still retaining the 2 PCIe Gen4 slots for additional devices. Intel Asus hardware 3

Overall, the RS300-E11 PS4/RS4 is a solid system that brings additional features to the entry-level market with versatile functionality and compact short-depth form factor. 

What’s the accessibility and availability of this system?

This solution is not only currently in stock but it also has a short delivery time frame!


Intel Xeon E-2300 is so powerful that applications that required a dual-socket server can now run on a single socket server. These processors also enable the movement of higher core counts and higher clock rates without performance degradation. The benefits of this include reducing costs and being more suitable for small businesses. Overall, this system is the perfect match for small businesses because it’s cost-effective and it’s a level market with versatile functionality. In addition, it’s also high-performing and can keep up with business demands. 
So what are you waiting for? Get into touch with your perfect match by buying this solution from DiGiCOR’s website today! 




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