"Are you tired of dealing with the constant maintenance and downtime associated with traditional storage systems? Look no further than Exos CORVAULT, the revolutionary self-healing storage solution from Seagate. With its advanced technology, Exos CORVAULT offers reliable, high-density storage with hyperscale efficiencies, all while minimizing e-waste and human intervention. Upgrade to Exos CORVAULT and experience the future of data storage today.

Blog | Revolutionizing Data Storage: Introducing Exos CORVAULT Self-Healing Storage System

December 1st 2022

Revolutionary Self-Healing Technology in Exos CORVAULT

Exos® CORVAULT Self Healing Storage is a revolutionary new solution for petabyte-scale storage infrastructure, offering industry-leading innovation in every aspect of the system.

One of the key advantages of Exos CORVAULT is its reliability and self-healing capabilities. The system features a field-proven design with five-nines (99.999%) availability, and the Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) feature reduces human intervention and e-waste by automatically renewing hard drives "in situ" and on the fly.

Exos CORVAULT also offers hyperscale-class efficiencies, with a maximum data density of up to 2.120 PB raw (using 20TB drives) in 4U, and the latest hard drive technology delivers storage efficiencies similar to cutting-edge cloud service providers. The system is architected for speed and resilience, with redundant active-active controllers powered by the 6th gen VelosCT ASIC and ADAPT erasure code data protection software, which streamline overhead, throughput, management and recovery.

In terms of management, Exos CORVAULT offers powerful configuration and management capabilities, with one-button configuration that accelerates deployment and informative remote diagnostics and non-disruptive system updates that simplify maintenance. Seagate Secure is built-in for maximum security, with hard drives that are self-encrypting (SED) and SFTP for secure file transfer.

In terms of specifications, Exos CORVAULT features redundant, active-active, hot-swappable controllers powered by gen 6 VelosCT ASIC, 14 GB/s sequential read throughput, 12 GB/s sequential write throughput, 17,680 IOPS, support for up to 106 Exos self-encrypting SAS HDDs, Seagate ADAPT erasure coding or RAID 5, 6, and autonomous drive regeneration for self-healing technology. The system also has hot-swappable components, including eight removable expander cards and redundant hot-swap drives, fans, and power supplies.

Exos CORVAULT: A Robust and Reliable Storage Solution for Data Centers

Exos CORVAULT is also built to withstand environmental conditions, with a operating temperature range of 5°C to 35°C and an operating humidity range of 10 to 80%. It also meets various safety certifications such as UL 60950-1 (United States), CAN/CSA-C22.2 No.60950-1- 07 (Canada), EN 60950-1 (European Union) and IEC 60950-1 (International).

Exos CORVAULT Self Healing Storage is a robust, reliable and efficient storage solution that offers sophisticated data protection, security and streamlined management to tackle the challenges of an exascale world.

Exos CORVAULT also offers high-density storage, with the ability to deploy the latest, highest capacity, most efficient hard drives for similar storage economics of cutting-edge cloud services. This allows businesses to optimize their data center, delivering maximum data density in a smaller footprint.

The system is also designed to be resilient, with 99.999% availability, fast read/writes, powerful dual controllers, and optimal design for uninterrupted performance. Additionally, it comes with Seagate Secure™ self-encrypting technology, SFTP support, and optional FIPS 140-3 configuration to ensure maximum security.

Exos CORVAULT is easy to deploy, with an integrated web-based device and data management console that provides one-button configuration for fast and easy deployment, remote diagnostics, and non-disruptive updates. The system's modular chassis also protects against vibrational and acoustic interference, excess heat, and external power irregularities.

Overall, Exos CORVAULT is a powerful and efficient storage solution that offers businesses a reliable, high-density and secure storage solution that is easy to deploy, manage and maintain.

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