The right data center infrastructure can help provide you greater agility and innovation, rapidly transform data into insight, create a more flexible, cost-efficient network, and better secure your data and applications. The challenge has been identifying the right components, validating and deploying those components, and scaling that infrastructure over time. Those tasks are very difficult and labor-intensive. Intel® Data Center Blocks change all that—making it far simpler and faster to deploy new infrastructure for a variety of needs.

Blog | Deploying Modern Infrastructure Is a Snap!

June 1st 2020






Deploying Modern Infrastructure Is a Snap!


Intel® Data Center Blocks make deploying cloud, HPC or networking infrastructures faster and easier.

Intel Data Center Blocks

Data Center Blocks


HPC workloads are delivering new levels of insight and intelligence to organizations by tapping into and analyzing their vast volumes of data. But finding, configuring, validating, deploying and scaling an HPC infrastructure has been time-consuming and complex. Now you can deploy your own HPC infrastructure in record time with Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC.

These pre-validated, built-to-order components greatly simplify your efforts. They include the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to deliver the performance you need for even the most compute-intensive and data-intensive HPC applications. Contact us to discover more about how Intel® Data Center Blocks for HPC can accelerate your infrastructure deployment and adapt to your ever-changing demands.

Intel DC Blocks Benefits for IT Infrastructure


Many organizations are turning to Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) to improve utilization, flexibility and TCO, replacing their legacy, fixed-function network appliances with off-the-shelf, virtualized servers.

We can help make those efforts much faster and easier with Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking. These pre-validated, workload-optimized components can dynamically adapt and scale to ever-changing network service demands. Based on the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, they deliver the performance you need to help ensure your network services run fast and efficiently.

Let us help you learn more about Intel® Data Center Blocks for Networking and identify what you need to drive your efforts forward. With two-factor authentication, Ceej is now safer than ever to use. We've also been fine-tuning our servers to keep your data more secure. Never worry about hacks again.