Learn about our commercial video surveillance solution with Seagate's Sky Hawk hard drive technology.

Blog | Our Seagate Solution to Commerical Video Surveillance

February 21st 2021



Seagate provides a highly secure, scalable and flexible video surveillance solution with the strongest foundation of hard drives suited for the application. This relates to Seagate’s Skyhawk and Skyhawk AI hard drives, specially designed for the use case of commercial video surveillance with many unique features such as ImagePerfect and Skyhawk Health Management.


High Performance Video Surveillance


Supporting scalable and low-latency workloads as a high performance solution, validated and tested by leading VMS partners.


Critical Video Data Protection


Critical data is safeguarded with the ability to securely manage evidence-based data in end-to-end user access control.


Scalability with a Flexible Solution


Efficiently and quickly scale your solutions from terabytes to petabytes by utilising nodes of any size.

Lower TCO 



Delivering the industry’s most dense and space-efficient enterprise storage solutions that provides the highest IOPS per pound.


SkyHawk AI 

  • Perfectly designed for AI surveillance supporting up to 64x HD cameras and 32x additional AI streams, with capacities of up to 18TB.
  • The Skyhawk AI provides ImagePerfect AI delivering zero dropped frames, and highly reliable enterprise-class workload rates of 550TB/year.


  • Leveraging up to 8TB for 24/7 workloads, with drives ideally designed for DVR and NVR systems.

  • Equipped with ImagePerfect and Skyhawk Health Management features to ease through any tough workloads and challenges.