Supermicro IPMI is an essential hardware to start using for your business as it provides a range of benefits that helps you diagnose and resolve any server problems before it gets too late.

Blog | Why should you start using Supermicro IPMI?

February 7th 2022
quick overview of supermicro ipmi

Why should you start using Supermicro IPMI?

Judith Appiagyei - Marketing Assistant - DiGiCOR

If Supermicro IPMI had a soundtrack, it would be "Hello" by Lionel Riche. Don't get confused, this isn't a Riche endorsement, rather we're just convinced that this hardware solution is exactly what, "you've been looking for". We'd rather not imagine that you've been operating your systems without using IPMI, so please, PLEASE, take this blog as an immediate urgency to stop doing that. However, let us go into detail about why you should start using Supermicro IPMI so that you're convinced yourself.

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What is Supermicro IPMI?

Supermicro IPMI stands for intelligent Platform Management Interface. It is a One-Wire management tool that is built into all server grade and some desktops motherboards from Supermicro.

What is the purpose of Supermicro IPMI?

Before we go into depth about Supermicro IPMI and what it does, we have to mention BMC (Base Management Controller) since it's a core element of IPMI. BMC provides huge amount of feaures that allow an admin to run a server remotely and have an overview of every component in the system. These include temperature, voltage, fan speed, bus errors and many more. In addition, BMC is still able to operate even when the system is turned off because it contains a small processor.

In summary, BMC is simply healthcare for your systems as it constantly moniters and provides information about the condition of your server. Overall, IPMI is an essential hardware solution that is not only important to control and manage your servers, but also has recovery capabilities.

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Benefits of Supermicro IPMI

  • Supermicro's new Embedded IMPI solution helps save costs and improve reliablity
  • IPMI helps reduce TTM and development cost for cross-platform management 
  • IPMI provides solid foundation for platform mangement implementations 
  • The IPMI protocol leverages an out-of-band network, which provides a flawless and secure path for mission-critical appications
  • provides redundant access to the system for management

IPMI Features 


  • Monitors onboard instrumentation (temperature sensors, Power Status, Voltages, Fan sepeed, Chassis Intrusion
  • Remote power conrol (reset, shutdown and power up)
  • Remore system control through KVM and SOL over LAN
  • Failover access for redundancy 
  • Configurable Alert destination (Email or SNMP traps)
  • Virtual Media redirection (Floppy, CD/DVD Drice/image.USB srtick)

IPMI table 

However, the list doesn't end here. Supermicro IPMI is paired with other essential features that make it a better option compared to system diagonsis such software such as:

  • Multi-platform support
    • Windows, Linux, CLI, Mobile
  • Secure access via Password Prompt
  • Remote Control KVM
    • Inbound included as standard
    • Out of Band requires OOB Licence (SFT-OOB-LIC)
  • Remote Power Control
  • Virtual Drive Redirection
    • Makes local server HDD, USB Stick, CDs accessible remotely
  • Hardware Monitoring
    • Temperature
    • Components Sensor Reading
    • Voltage Info
    • HW Component Info
  • FAN Control

KVM-Over-LAN feature

If you needed another reason to convert to using Supermicro IPMI, well here is another one. KVM-Over-Lan replaces KVM which has limitations such as forcing end users to work in close distances to the server because of the mouse keyboard cable length. With KVM-Over-LAN, authorized users can manage all networked systems with it, no matter the distance.

How is Supermicro IPMI acessed?

  • Through web browser by using the IP address
  • Through the IPMIView application, you can manage multiple server IPMIs at once and create a list for easy access
    • Free desktop OS download application
    • Mobile Application (iOS / Android)
  • Through CLI (Command Line Interface) via SMCIPMTooL

IPMI webpage 


IPMI comes with most of its critical features included and ready to use, but for some of the advanced features as outlined below An Out-of-Band (OOB) license is required to allow remote BIOS updates and more.


Supermicro IPMI is an essential hardware to start using for your business as it provides a range of benefits that helps you target and reslove any server problems befire it gets too late. So now, I have one more important question to ask. Are you conviced that Supermicro IPMI is the hardware that, "you've been looking for? By the way, I hope that you sang that in Riche's voice for the full affect. If you've reached the end of this blog, and you are convinced (as you should be), that this solution is for you, then get into contact with DiGiCOR today and we will help you implement this hardware solution for your business.