Learn about how Seagate's Exos enterprise hard drives are so powerful and highly secure with multi-layered protection.

Blog | The Most Powerful Enterprise Hard Drives

December 14th 2020





Seagate Exos enterprise hard drives are powerful and highly secure, with multi-layered protection. The Exos X and Exos E hard drives help to provide confidence in storing and managing data so that it’s highly accessible and secure.


The Most Scalable Drive 


The Exos X enterprise hard drives are designed for hyper scale efficiency and security. In addition, the main features to rely on this hard drive type would be its maximum capacity and density, scalability, security and power efficiency. This is through the Exos X latest nanoscale technology which helps to further excel foundational capabilities for evolving cloud and large scale data centre architectures.

The Most Versatile Drive 


The Exos E enterprise hard drives are specially designed to deliver massive capacity density. With the main features being exceptional storage density, efficiency and value, this hard drive is perfect for demanding 24/7 workloads. Overall, helping to enable many IT professionals and data centre architects in delivering trusted performance, reliability and security.


Exos X 

Scalability. Responsiveness. Innovative 

  • Up to 12.6PB of data in a single 42U rack, with the ability to scale your storage infrastructure to meet all growing capacity needs.
  • Enabling some of the quickest data transfers possible
  • Improved TCO through Seagate’s innovative hard drive technology advancements like helium PowerBalance, Seagate Secure, Power Choice, and Seagate RAID Rebuild.

Exos E 

Reliabiliy, Efficiency, Versatility 

  • Highly trusted and field proven in the market with over 350 million enterprise drives delivered since 2002.

  • Tackles storage workload requirements even with the most efficient and cost-effective data centre footprint.

  • Built upon purpose for enterprise workloads and applications, maximising storage efficiency and improving storage tiering.


Exos X18


Capacity: 16, 18TB 
Performance: Up to 270MB/s 
Technology: Helium
Warranty: 5 Years 


Exos X16


Capacity: 14, /16TB 
Performance: Up to 261MB/s 
Technology: Helium
Warranty: 5 Years 


Exos 2X14 


Capacity: 14TB 
Performance: Up to 524 MB/s, with MACH 2, dual actuator technology  
Technology: Helium
Warranty: 5 Years 

Exos X10


Capacity: 8, 10TB 
Performance: Up to 254MB/s 
Technology: Helium
Warranty: 5 Years