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5G Solutions

Why 5G Computing?

The market is always demanding for more intelligent network edge solutions. With many companies are racing to implement 5G, Data Center companies and global telecommunication operators are looking to upgrade their hardware to be compatible with 5G solutions. All kinds of industries such as financial, manufacturing, energy, agriculture and more will be able to find innovative solutions through 5G technology.

We help you by creating the perfect opportunity of being compatible within a 5G environment through our solutions that will fit your business objectives. With our wide range of servers, choosing the best option for you is simple. 5G will have a limitless amount of potential on how it can work for you.

How can we help you?

We advise any business, big or small, in helping them to find the best combination of hardware and software bundles to optimise 5G’s benefits of faster data rates, reduced latency and increased connectivity. We have partnered with many IT leading vendors to diversify our opportunity in providing IT solutions relating to 5G Edge computing and O-RAN based solutions. Many of the related technologies offer a wide range of use cases, such as Centralized/cloud radio access network, virtualization, AI, machine learning computing and much more. It is simple for us to clarify a holistic solution upon any doubts or budget constraints. Feel free to send us an enquiry or contact us directly.


Why DiGiCOR?

5G is one of the latest technological advancements to date. And we know that many industry leaders are also going to be implementing 5G infrastructure to dominate the market.

To help you keep up with the trends, we partner with major leading 5G platform vendors to offer our amazing clients the most latest and high quality hardware to power the best-in-class softwares.

We will stay by your side throughout your 5G process, deployment and technical aspects. Through our local support in Australia and New Zealand, our team makes it easy for you to keep in contact.

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