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ADLINK Edge and AI Server (MEC)

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Real time, High-bandwidth and Low-Latency Access to End-Users

Edge Servers are closer to end users in order to achieve shorter latency and quicker response times. In regards to the deployment of 5G networks, Edge Server installations can be categorised into 2 ways: within existing 3/4G edge server rooms, or the newly adopted constructed outdoor small cells that improves signal coverage.

Now, Edge Servers are not limited by operation within large data centres with their features of optimized spatial planning and cooling infrastructure.

MEC Application

The following attributes of Edge Server architectural design provides key advantages over installation within existing edge server rooms:


Limited Rack Space

Racks in edge server rooms for the purpose of data delivery and access are usually 600mm in depth and not often as deep as 800mm. This is actually shallower than the standard rack depth of 1200mm, this means that conventional servers cannot be deployed within existing edge server rooms.

In addition, the limited space within the server rooms which are typically located in commercial or office buildings, means that conventional servers are unable to achieve the high-density of computing resources required for 5G capabilities.

ADLINK MECS-7210 features a 2U height and its depth of 420mm, in combination with its high-density scalable architecture design, makes it an ideal solution for Edge Server application within standard server room environments.

Poor Environmental Temperature Stability

Poor Environmental Temperature Stability

More often than not, it is not possible to maintain optimal operating conditions within edge server rooms, temperatures may rise to 45°C or higher.

Hence, Edge Servers have to be equipped with sufficient thermal technologies to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments.

ADLINK MECS-7210 features operating and storage temperature ranges of -5°C to +55°C and -40°C to +70°C respectively, designed to be resilient for operation in extreme temperature environments.

ADLINK MECS-7210 is designed to scale

Scalability and Accelerated Computing Power

Edge Servers must be able to deliver low latency and high-efficiency computing power to fulfil the growing needs of applications of today and tomorrow. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that computing equipment selected supports adequate scalability.

ADLINK MECS-7210 is expertly designed with 2 full-sized PCIe x16 expansion slots that can be used to accommodate GPU cards, FPGA cards and IO expansion cards, depending on application requirements.

ADLINK Edge Servers: Series MECS