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DiGiCOR | Cloud Solution

Why DiGiCOR?

Public Cloud Vs On Premise

Have you ever wondered where your data is stored if you use a public cloud service?
We help you to create a hyper converged environment and give you the solution that creates a private cloud that matches your business requirements. You can be in charge of your data and make sure who has access to it using our private and hybrid cloud solutions.

Digicor Public vs Premise Cloud
Digicor SMBs


We have been advising Small Businesses and Medium Businesses and helping them to find the best combination of hardware and software to meet their business requirements.
We have partnered with Public Cloud providers to diversify our portfolio and if deemed necessary help our customers choose the best combination of on premises and public cloud that ensures their mission critical continuity as well as better accessibility.
You do not need to sacrifice the quality, we have a wide range of entry level servers that will assist you in the journey of digital transformation and virtualised work spaces.
If you have any doubts what is the best solution for your workload contact us right now and we will assist you to get the best out of your budget.

Local Support

DiGiCOR will be on your side and help you with your deployment process. Whenever you contact our Technical Team you will have a chat with the person who built your server and knows everything about it from top to bottom. Our account managers will make sure that you stay ahead of the trends and will have access to the latest technologies, and our operations team will provide short lead times and access to global supply network.
We will take the complexity out of the equation and give you the on premise server that can be utilised as easy as plug and play.

Local Support