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Intel Nutanix - Global Leader In Enterprise Cloud Computing

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Business Optimisation through Intel hyper-converged infrastructure solutions:

  • Leadership in Technology
  • Designed for High Computing density and large flash storage
  • Enhances business productivity
  • Accelerates deployments without IT infrastructure complexity
  • Maintains data protection
  • Runs on any application with ease
  • Reduces IT resources decreasing hardware footprint

Nutanix CLuster

In today’s time, delivering real-time data efficiently and securely is of paramount importance, as it helps businesses in increasing productivity. For smooth business operations, companies are looking at ways where they can easily access data, which would help them in making better-informed decisions and thereby increasing efficiency in their workflow. Making it important to have IT resources and technology that can gather data, keeping it secure and use it to handle operational issues too.

Businesses across the globe are using the latest technology available in the market to make their operations virtualised to access any data or information on any device with ease. Earlier traditional infrastructure was used to build virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) which had separate servers and storages making it a complex deployment with management challenges, but now with cloud storage facilities hyper-converged computing platform offers a fast, easy and secure way to manage functions and data.

Nutanix is a leader in hyper-converged infrastructure solutions. Nutanix offers the features of the Public Cloud to customers who prefer their data to be on the premises. Digicor helps you to easily migrate to hyper-converged computing platform with expert guidance in all steps, to allow rapid deployment giving consistent quality, increase in performance with an easy to use and efficient dashboard, making your life much more comfortable.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Growth Opportunity

Enterprise Data Center Solution

Companies around the world are using this latest technology to manage their infrastructure with one-click management.

Nutanix Enterprise is a global ruler in cloud system software and hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, which helps in making business operations and applications run efficiently with more focus on it and making infrastructure invisible.

Nutanix with Intel have developed fully validated and certified Data Centre Blocks for HCI market. Intel Data Centre Blocks for Nutanix Enterprise Cloud are available as configure-to-order systems which includes processors, server boards, chassis, power supply, storage, networking and memory, that have all been validated to work together in smooth functioning. Moreover, VARs and Sis are adding Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software to integrate a fast route for building on-premise clouds. Digicor helps you build and operate solutions with Intel Data Centre Blocks and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for private, public and hybrid cloud operating environments, giving a single point of access control to manage IT infrastructure and applications.

We help you understand these details to deliver the best suited IT solution as per your business operation needs. Digicor helps to transform your business functions from bulky machines to VDI’s – making your transformation easy with our expert engineers assisting at every step

With the change in technological advances, data management and security needs, companies also need to evolve into accessibility, visibility and scale. Thus, Digicor offers hyper-converged virtualised infrastructure that not only eases complexity with a virtual environment but also saves you time and money.

For configuring Intel Nutanix customers should use infrastructure solution starting with S2600BP and S2600WF base platforms, Digicor will help to configure exactly what you need for your business and then design a configuration that matches your needs.