Public cloud vs private cloud, Supermicro Private Cloud, Intel Private Cloud, Australia private cloud, private cloud solutions, digicor private cloud, digicor solutions Discover how Supermicro Private Cloud and Intel Private Cloud Solutions assist organizations in operating cloud to improve control over data.
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DiGiCOR | Private Cloud Solution

Private Cloud Solutions

Why DiGiCOR?

Private Cloud or Public Cloud?

Private cloud solutions are dedicated to one organisation or business, and often have much more specific security controls than a public cloud. Many offices, banking institutions, and other organisations who have to meet federal and state guidelines for data controls use a private cloud.
Using private cloud storage allows companies to control highly sensitive data by meeting regulations and industry-based criteria. Private cloud solutions utilise infrastructure that is either owned and controlled by the organisation.
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We are offering a wide-range of infrastructure for your company to setup a private cloud or if you are interested in having a public cloud solution, we can cater for that as well. Contact us today to get a quotation.

Digicor Public vs Private Cloud

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