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Smart Parking Meters

Plug and Play Smart parking meters

We provide “plug and play” concept for our IoT solutions. These include:

  • A diverse range of sensors
  • Smart parking meters
  • Smart streetlighting

Smart Parking Meter
Plug and Play

These parking meters are truly “plug and play.” There is no need to pull cables from underground to provide the power. Charging the batteries won’t be a difficult task either, only 5 minutes is needed to charge the battery for each parking meter. Parking Meters can be fitted with vehicle detection sensors and an image capture camera allowing the status of the parking bay to be monitored remotely. Patrols can be notified to issue tickets on demand. This solution can save both time and prevent parking fraud.

We also have an app that can help drivers look for available parking spaces. This helps reduce CO2 emissions from cars since most CO2 is generated while the driver is looking for a parking space. This technology will help you reach your emissions targets.

Our vendor won the Hong Kong Project and it has been estimated to finish next year. This is still an ongoing project, yet it’s progressing as planned. The duration of the contract is 11 years with a total contract sum of $682 million, including one year for system development and 10 years for management, operation and maintenance services.

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Hong Kong Project