ZStack Cloud, Zstack cloud solutions, ZStack integrated cloud platform, ZStack cloud providers Alibaba Cloud ZStack has assisted many cloud providers in running core test workloads and deliver substantial investment savings. ZStack offers an integrated cloud platform to be cost efficient, easy to employ, scalable and elastic with high performance.

DiGiCOR | ZStack for Cloud Providers

ZStack for Cloud Providers
ZStack has allowed integrated payment service companies to run core R&D and test workloads
whilst delivering huge investment savings.

Cost Efficiency

ZStack integrated Cloud platforms increases the utilzation of server resources by concentrating hardware resources, integrating the information system architecture and reduces unnecessary hardware expenses, saving clients up to 90% in hardware costs.

The overall resource utilization rate without ZStack is typically 10%-15%. But with ZStack, it is increased to more than 60%

ZStack delivers a significant cost reduction of up to 50% when compared with other private cloud solutions such as VMware.

Cost Efficiency
Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy

A ZStack deployment takes as little as 30 minutes to set up in a proof of concept environment.

ZStack is simple to install, deploy, and operate, with user-friendly interactions which reduces the threshold in the learning process.

Initially, it used to take days or even weeks to deploy a business system. With the implementation of ZStack for Alibaba Cloud plaftorm, deployment can be reduced to as little as a few minutes.

This improves work efficiency and speeds up time to market for business offerings which enhances competitiveness.

Scalability and Elasticity

ZStack uses technologies such as full asynchronous architecture and in-process micro-services to achieve second-level creation of computing. It can manage 100,000 physical machines with a single management node, support large-scale expansion and long-term use, and have higher execution efficiencies.

The Storage Area Network (SAN) storage solution supported by ZStack ensures the hot migration and high availability (HA) of cloud hosts, and ensures the continuity and security of online businesses such as ChinaUMS.

ZStack can manage 10,000+ hosts and 100,000 VM instances on a single management node. It can also create 100+ VM instances in minutes.

Scalability and Elasticity
High Performance

High Performance

With cloud computing technology, end-user operations become simple and data resource search time is greatly reduced. The same search use case improves the search performance by more than 10 times.

The distributed system using cloud computing offers 11x reduction in the retrieval of data compared to traditional business systems.

ZStack can also deploy hundreds of VMs in a few minutes, which is a performance increase of 200% on other providers.